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by Youxi988

I’m officially addicted to commissioning art installations for my projects now. Seeing the stained glass that did for The Fig House made me more excited than Tom Cruise a la Oprah’s sofa jumping incident. And now I can’t stop. I have a few projects coming up in need of something special — mainly because every project, especially commercial or studio spaces need something really special. So I’ve been trolling the Internet for happy art installations that can inspire something in my little brain.

art installations

Most of these are out of a material that I can actually get my hands on or materials that in themselves aren’t terribly expensive or luxurious. That’s not to say that these aren’t priceless, but the reason I’m inspired by them is that they are all a material or medium that I’m not scared by and therefore the project is more doable. Normally when I’m conceptualizing these things I literally think of every single thing you could possibly make something out of. I do it in a list: fabric, wood, metal, tape, rope, chain, paper, and then I do subcategories for them (like for fabric I’d do: fabric, ribbon, fringe, vintage quilts, vintage kantha fabric, velvets, leather, worn leather, bunting, crocheted, knitted, dyed, dip dyed, tie dyed, sheepskin …. etc.) Actually seeing all the possibilities always sparks an idea.

So get your ideas on, friends. And don’t think these have to spark ideas for art installation — this could be for a piece of art for your home, graphic design inspiration, or maybe something to try on a piece of furniture that you want to redo. Happy Monday.

Credits clockwise from top: Mixed Media dog by  via  / Sliding Ladder: Truncated Icosohedron # 1 by Nike Savvas via  / Pink floor Via  / Neon shelves via / LOVE matchstick art by / Wire sculpture, unknown 


Credits: Drippy walls via  / Washi tape art by Koji Iyama  via  / Geometric sculpture by  /  / String art installation unknown. 

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