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by Youxi988
Youxi988 Griffith Park Traditonal Modern Italian Sunroom Reveal 16 Cropped

Not all of us can quite have the bar setup like our Griffith Park clients have – I mean talk about a beautiful place to enjoy yourself a cocktail. But, if I had a dollar for every bar cart, dresser, side table, credenza or hutch that I have styled out to include some sort of “bar” setup, I could treat myself to a pretty endless supply of “old fashioneds”. Not only is a good barware setup pretty timeless but it is also something (unlike a lot of other elements of designs) that can be placed just about anywhere in the house and on any surface or piece of furniture. Yes, you can go with the traditional bar cart, but you also have the option of using a dresser (like I did in my old living room), a credenza, a hutch, or even a side table to set one of these puppies on. Here are just a few of some of those examples from the many photoshoots we have done that included some sort of bar area.

Styled The Book Youxi988 Scott Horne Masculine Natural White 3

If you have an awkward hallway cabinet or alcove like my friend Scott did above or Sara does below you can allocate it as your new bar area.

Youxi988 Sara Moto Neutral Cozy Masculine Living Room 19

Or if you have a small dresser, side table or credenza you could turn it into your own little speakeasy like Mel did below.

Melanie Burstin Makeover Takeover Youxi988 Living Room 18

Or if traditional bar carts are your vibe then this inspiration from a house we shot for the book that designed, or the one from Brady’s house might be more your style.

Styled The Book Youxi988 Design Taylorjacobson Designbytaylorjacobson 1919 Living Room Details 031

So to get you started and to give you a bit of inspiration we have pulled together 12 totally different “bar” combos that can go just about anywhere due to the tray they are corralled on.

With all of these, we included in the price a set of 4 of the glasses and everything that you see in each collection will fit on top of the tray that it is paired with. The only thing missing is your favorite spirit, a few garnishes, and friend (or two) to enjoy them with. Let’s get into it:

Youxi988 Roundup Power Couple Bar Setups 01

1. Pretty in Pink:  |  (set of 12) | |  |  (set of 4) | |

For all of you that enjoy a good mojito every once in a while. This is our version of a mojito bar for you. It has a pitcher, spoon with a muddler, juicer and a tall glass with a straw to get you started.

2. Monochromatic Modern:  | | |  |  (set of 2)

I have this tray in my living room and I love it so much. The size, the shape, and the curves all make it a winner for me. We are envisioning your favorite bottle of red for this one to decant into the large decanter and those wine glasses can stack which makes it very nice if you decide to add a few extra bottles to this setup.

3. Brass and Beer:  |  (set of 4) | | | (set of 3)

Because who doesn’t need a bar setup dedicated to beer. Although these glasses are specific to beer I love all the elements in this one and it could be used to stack a bunch of mixed bottles on as well.

4. Copper and Chrome:  | |  (set of 4) |  (set of 4) |

At only $58 this is a great option for those of you that are looking to stay within a budget. I have used that copper shaker a few different times in shoots and it is so good in person. I also am a big fan of those marble and rose gold coasters from Target’s Project62 collection.

5. Mixed Metals:  |  (set of 8) |  (set of 4) | |

I love mixing metals in design and apparently I love mixing metals in “barware” as well. The smoked chrome jigger and shaker are so good.

6. Whiskey and Wood:  | |  |  (set of 4) |

If you are into whiskey then this one is for you. I have never been a “drink your whiskey with whiskey stones” kinda gal, but these ones were too pretty to pass up. I love the graphic shape of them as well as the fact that they look like mini stone sculptures when they aren’t in use. Brady recently used this whiskey decanter in his Christmas bar setup and it looks much more expensive than the $10 price tag.

7. Backyard Blue:  | | | |

This one is for those summer gatherings where a large pitcher of margaritas is involved. We included a few tools as well as the salt rimmer to really upgrade your margarita game.

8. Sophisticated Art Deco:  |  | (set of 4) |  (set of 4) | |

I am very much into this minty cream combo. It feels soft and glam but is also simple enough to really work in anyone’s space.

9. Casual Wine on a Dime:  | |  (set of 6) |  (set of 4) |

This decanter is from the same collection of decanters in #6 and I love it paired here with the wood tray and brass accessories.

10. Curvy and Copper:  | | | |

If you have seen my home then you have definitely seen this shaker. I love it so much and it is such a graphic and beautiful piece to have out on display. If you are making yourself a martini – like we intended for this combo – then you definitely don’t want to do it in any other shaker than this one.

11. Classic in Gold:  | | | | |

Your drinking game just got a lot classier with this combo. Faceted cups and an ice bucket paired with black and gold is always a timeless combo.

12. Graphic and Glam:  | | | |  (set of 4)

Ask a few girlfriends over to watch the Bachelor (can this please come back on already?!), a chilled bottle of Pinot and you have yourself the perfect night to go with this combo of items.

So, which of the combos is your favorite? I am pretty partial to #2, #8, and #10 but I would love to know what all of you are into? Let us know if you have any questions on any of them below or if you have tried any of the products below. Cheers!

  1. this is so good especially for new years, ill be sure to have my bar stocked for my night in

  2. OMG I thought you meant Taylor Jacobson from Rachel Zoe. I mean it made no sense in context but I got real excited for a second,

  3. Thanks for doing all the work of coming up with these great combinations! Definitely some gift ideas in this post!

  4. I’ve been wanting you to do this exact post for so long. I have such a weakness for a well-styled bar. Also, I just love trays. So, thank you, you’re the best! Now I’m going to go spend all my money on bar accessories. Clearly, I make super smart financial decisions ;).

    As well, ugh, Mel’s house is so pretty. Where did she find that weird basket cocktail shaker thing? Her stuff is just so well curated. I only wish I could be so minimal and dedicated to only owning things I love.

  5. This is so much fun! And I totally agree, a well styled bar is so timeless

  6. i love the tray from #5 and all those inspiration photos are amazing and so, well, inspiring. i love this post

  7. I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming!

  8. I’ve been wanting you to do this exact post for so long. I have such a weakness for a well-styled bar. Also, I just love trays. So, thank you, you’re the best! Now I’m going to go spend all my money on bar accessories. Clearly, I make super smart financial decisions ;).

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