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by Youxi988

Friends. Fourth of July is approaching and WHO ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR? Tomorrow I’ll show you how I would style out my dream 4th of July BBQ, but today is what I would put on my body. My general MO when it comes to BBQ outfits is casual and comfortable, and for 4th of July I do find myself wearing two of those three colors (lord knows I have a ton of blue and white and enough red to throw in there if I wanted to be REALLY patriotic).

So I rounded up some outfits that feel like they can be worn all summer, but have a little ‘4th of July’ party spirit.


1.   (my FAVORITE and I could wear them 6 days in a row before I have to wash them. They look good on day 1 (fitted) and day 6 (baggy)| 2. | 3. | 4.  (Ugh. SO CUTE) | 5.  (I bought this and it’s great. Super breezy, and easy to wear.) | 6.  (I loved my above shorts so much that I bought the white version and it’s TWO THUMBS UP) 7. | 8.  (My fashion stylist bought this for the shoot I had a few weeks ago and I got to keep it. It’s amazing. It’s also almost $400 so it should be amazing. I know some of you like splurges so if you are one of those people I can absolutely recommend that lady) EDIT: The image on the board is a version that Madewell sells, but the one Em is wearing is . | 9. | 10.  (My favorite summer pant. It’s comfortable, but still flattering and thick enough that it hides the bits and baubles) | 11. | 12.  (I have 2 pairs of culottes otherwise I would add these to the mix) 13.  (So flirty but not overly cute)14.  (I’m interested in trying this as it looks flattering and so easy to wear)| 15.  (I want this, too. Looks modest but fun) 16.  (I have this and LOVE it. Flattering, cute and flirty…why am I saying ‘flirty’ so much right now?) 17.  (Totally impractical for my life with two kids, but so very very cute) | 18.  (my madewell one that I’ve linked a lot to is sold out, but the classic one is almost even better) 19.  (If I didn’t have one million blue and white casual button downs I would snag this) 20.  (So not me, but very cute and definitely appropriate for 4th of July) 21.  (I want to try these but I don’t need more pants … please review and report back to me!) 22.  I LOVE these and would snag them except that my feet are all booked up in the ‘nude sandal’ department.

  1. I bought the blue Levi’s shorts after they were mentioned in an earlier EH post – I ordered one size up from my usual size and they are perfect! I wear them 2x a week. Normally, the price would be splurgey for me for shorts, but considering that they are now my favorite pair of shorts due to the fit, I could not be happier.

  2. I love these posts! You are darling.

  3. Oh, I love this selection! would wear everything!

  4. Love all the pieces!

  5. I’m having a baby July 10, so naturally I’m wearing a teeny, tiny American flag bikini and inviting all my friends over to FEAST THEIR EYES.

    1. Haha! Congrats!

  6. please source the cute blouse and hat you’re wearing in your adorable picture!

    1. I believe the blouse is #8 in her roundup.

      1. It’s not – check the neckline.

    2. Would also love the source for the blouse in your picture! The Ulla Johnson is pretty but I’m loving the one you are wearing even more 🙂

      1. Oh wow! We thought it was the same, too. We’ll look it up and link it. Good catch! Same designer and fabric, but she must have done different versions. Stay tuned …

        1. I think it’s this blouse from spring:

          1. Thanks for finding it! We couldn’t locate it anywhere, but we’ve updated the links above!

  7. I’m from Canada, so I’m excited for Canada’s 150th on July 1st this year!!! All your choices are perfectly awesome for Canada celebrations too!!! Although I’m hoping I’ll be in a swimsuit with flip flops if it’s hot enough!!

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  9. You have to try : Staud Clothing.
    Totally your style and based in LA!

  10. Love that pink top you’re wearing!


  11. Love this. Love all your writing on this blog. Request for a future post: how to lay out different rooms. I feel like a complete moron admitting this, but how does one decide what piece of furniture goes where? What are the rules you follow, tips you’ve gained, examples of right and wrong, etc of how to arrange the furniture in a room? Thanks!

  12. Great choices! We don’t celebrate 4th of July here in Italy, obviously, but these outfits are all perfect to wear through the Summer, so thanks for posting. BTW, I love the blouse you’re wearing in the picture.
    Anna From Italy

  13. Please never stop
    The fashion. You just got it going on! I love them. I bought the hat and the madewell bag this time.

    Beggars can’t be choosers, but i
    Sure wish you could offer finds for other body types. For example, I’m no Michelle Obama, but going sleeveless is my best “skin show”
    And legs, hips can never see the light of summer days!
    I know that’s opposite of you, but I’d love to buy your recommendations for my body type.

    ThNks for all
    You do!

  14. That’s cute

  15. Hi! I was following along on IG when em was doing the shoot in the Ulla Johnson blouse, and was curious about the brown suede slip-ons she had on with it? Thanks!

  16. I will be wearing this dress from Everlane!

    And maybe get a mani/pedi with red polish 🙂

  17. Oh! It was so great Dress up people like to always love.

  18. I’m from Canada, so I’m excited for Canada’s 150th on July 1st this year!!! All your choices are perfectly awesome for Canada celebrations too!!! Although I’m hoping I’ll be in a swimsuit with flip flops if it’s hot enough!!


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