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by EHD Staff
Youxi988 Power Couples Sofas Coffee Tables Roundup Photo 5

We here at EHD love to shop (I mean, did you see my fashion roundup post yesterday?). We also get a lot of reader requests for things like “what is the best affordable floor lamp?” or “where can I buy the best kid friendly sofa?”. So, we put that love for shopping to good use. Our “Round-ups” are here to make it easy for you to find the best of the best in a world of endless options (aka the internet). We do the work so you don’t have to. Today’s post is a tad on the meta side, since we’ve rounded up all of this past year’s round-ups to give you a one stop shop for all of your interior shopping needs. Hopefully most of the links still work.

Affordable Sofas Roundup – This is one of the biggest requests we get. We actually did this same post last year and it was so successful that we did it again with newer sofas! Let’s be honest, finding the perfect sofa is no easy feat. Then trying not to break the bank when you do find it is even harder. But we looked high and low for the best, affordable sofas and found a lot of really good ones.

Clx050114 060
Youxi988 Afforfable Sofas Roundup 500 To 750


Pillow Combos Roundup – As a stylist, I mix and match pillows all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to do because a good pillow combo can bring color, personality, and texture to a room with minimal commitment. Here we rounded up 20, EHD approved combos that are sure to bring a lot of style to any room. Check out the post for these awesome combos and no fail pillow mixing rules.

Pillow Combos
Youxi988 Pillow Combos Color Texture Size Roundup 1


Bookcases Roundup – Bookcases are a great way to bring in style with the added bonus of function. Here we rounded up three different styles: Accent, Tall, and Wide. So whether you are a big reader with too many books to count, or need a place to display all the treasures you found traveling the world (or the flea market), there is a bookcase here for you.

Youxi988 Bookcases Shelving Organization Wide Roundup


Floor Lamps Roundup – Lighting is key in making a space beautiful and welcoming. Floor lamps can help to not only provide light but can create a pretty vignette, giving your space that extra bit of style. In this post not only did we break down the different types of lighting but we also rounded up 90 different options to choose from. Yep, 90.

Floor Lamps
Youxi988 Roundup Floor Lamps Under 250 1


Ottoman Roundup – If there’s one thing I love, it’s knowing that my kids aren’t going to be slamming their sweet little heads into the corner of a coffee table. How our priorities change, right? Once they started moving around on their own I switched our beautiful, hard-edged coffee table to an oversized pouf and LOVED it. Not only were my kids safer, but it looked great. I decided that an oversized ottoman round-up would be super useful to parents and people looking for an alternative to the traditional coffee table.

Youxi988 Roundup Ottoman Coffee Tables


Hooks Roundup – This year I decided that towel bars are bad for marriages. Seriously though, wall mounted towel hooks are not only great in lessening the ever popular “that’s not how you hang a towel” fight, but they look pretty good too. And towel hooks aren’t just for towels, folks. They are also great for styling your cool wide brim hat along side your hip coat and vegan leather backpack.

Youxi988 Towel Rack Hooks Wall Mounted Roundup

Stain Friendly Sectionals Roundup – Another BIG request we get is readers wanting to know where they can get stain friendly sofas, or more specifically sectionals. Why? Because children, and pets, and husbands . . . and drinking red wine on the couch while watching The Bachelor can be messy. Will I ever live in a time where yogurt isn’t all over everything? Maybe someday. Until then we did the research and found a ton of awesome sectionals that should be able to handle just about anything you throw at them (literally).

Stain Friendly Sectionals
Youxi988 Stain Resistant Performance Velvet Treated Slipcover Microfiber Sectional Sofas Roundup Velvet


Round Pillow Roundup – My most recent styling crush has been the round pillow. Ever since using one in Birdie’s old nursery I can’t get enough. They add dimension, playfulness, and whimsy. In the post we rounded 24 of the best ones on the market.

Round Pillows
Youxi988 Round Pillows Roundup 1


Credenza Roundup – Credenzas are an old favorite at EHD. I love the style, function, and storage they give to a room. Perfect for displaying your favorite accessories on top and your less pretty little pieces inside. We found 108 that we loved, so you have ample options to pick the perfect credenza for your style and budget.

Youxi988 Credenza Roundup Under 750


Lamp Shades Roundup – We love letting you in on easy styling tricks that don’t cut into your wallet too hard. This lamp shade roundup is just that. By just switching out a lampshade to a new color, texture, or pattern you can instantly make your room look more interesting. Check out the post to see what I mean.

Lamp Shades
Youxi988 Textured Patterned Colorful Lamp Shades Textured


Design Mistakes: Generic Art and a Good Art Roundup – It’s a sensitive subject, talking about what constitutes as bad art, but folks there is a LOT out there. In this roundup we laid out what, in our opinion, is generic, “bad” art and gave you non generic “good” art options. You and your walls deserve an upgrade.

10 Art
Youxi988 Design Mistake Genertic Art Good Orignal Art Roundup


Dining Table Roundup – Dining tables are important. Not only because they are a place where your family gathers around to eat, but it’s also a huge piece of furniture in your home and a great opportunity to bring in some big style. There are 126 tables in this post, so regardless of your family size or size needs there is a table for everyone.

Dining Tables
Youxi988 Dining Tables Dining Room Rectangle Dining Tables Under 500 To 1500


Counter and Bar Stool Roundup – Picking out the perfect counter/bar stool can be tricky. Remember the stool debacle in my new kitchen? It took me three attempts before I was happy. However there is no need for you to deal with the same indecision problems because we have rounded up 60 very pretty options at 2 different heights: Bar and Counter.

Bar And Counter Stools
Barstool Youxi988 Roundup Affordable Midcentury Chair Budget Best Barstools


Mirror Roundup – More and more awesome mirrors are coming onto the market right now and I am into them. No longer are we confined to a simple rectangle. We combed through dozens of websites and rounded up 27 of the best and most stylish in this post.

Youxi988 Rethink The Mirror Different Shapes Colors Smoked Guilded Roundup1


Bean Bags Roundup – Guys, bean bags are back. I decided that I wanted a couple for my kids and in searching I found so many great and stylish options. And they were’t just for kids. To convince you, here are 63 of our favorite bean bags for you to jump into.

Youxi988 Bean Bags Roundup 1
Youxi988 Bean Bags Roundup


Entryway Combos Roundup – I hate a messy entryway. It’s the first thing you see when you walk through the front door, and a cluttered entry way gives me a serious case of clutter-body. Don’t you deserve to feel happy when you enter you come home? We rounded up seven different entryway styles to ensure happiness upon arrival.

14 Entryway Combos
California Cool


Office Chair Roundup – There are a lot of office chairs out there, but so many of them are typically a function over style purchase. We think you can do better than sacrificing your pretty office for a not so pretty office chair. Here are 54 EHD approved office chairs that will add function AND style to your office.

Office Chairs
Emliy Henderson Office Chairs Roundup Resized 2


Affordable Headboards Roundup – We spend roughly a 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so you should probably be sleeping in style. We rounded up 72 affordable headboards so that you can sleep soundly knowing your headboard is just as pretty as you’ll be after your beauty rest. Click through here to see them all!

Affordable Headboards
Headboards Under 300 Layout


Lumbar Pillow Roundup – Anything that makes life a little easier is A-ok in my book. One such tip/trend is the extra long lumber pillow. It completely simplifies the bed styling process by having one pillow (yes, ONE pillow) to throw on your bed for a totally pulled together look.

Lumbar Pillows
Youxi988 Exra Long Lumbar Pillows Roundup 50 To 150


Cuddle Chairs Roundup – “Cuddle chairs” are my spirit furniture (is that a thing?). Not only are they insanely comfortable, but I can fit myself AND two babies in them. So much cuddling happening that my heart could explode. I wanted to share my joy with you by rounding up 36 awesome oversized chairs. Let the cuddling begin.

Cuddle Chairs
Youxi988 Oversized Chairs Chair And A Half Chaise Lounge Roundup Edited 1000px 1


Storage Bed Roundup – When we moved into our new house our master bedroom took a big size and storage cut. To help with that I decided to search for storage beds. Genius right? We ended up downsizing our stuff (which was great) and going with a classic style bed, but why waste all that research? Here are 30 awesome storage beds for those who could use a little more function and space in your bedroom.

Storage Beds
Youxi988 Storage Beds Full Size Roundup 1


Affordable Faucets Roundup – The internet has really changed the buyer experience when it comes to finding good faucets at GOOD prices. While I love a fancy patina, brass faucet they are not necessary all the time. Because of that we rounded up 57 affordable faucets in three different finishes, so you can start washing your hands and dishes in style. Hop over to the post to see them all.

Affordable Faucets
Youxi988 Affordable Faucets Single Hole Centerset Widespread Roundup Gold Brass 1


Sofa & Coffee Table Power Couple – There is nothing worse than falling in love and purchasing a sofa and coffee table only to discover they just don’t work together. Sometimes that’s because the scale is all wrong or the styles don’t quite fit. To help you avoid this, we paired 34 perfect combos and talked through all the rules when it comes to picking out the perfect living room power couple. Read all about it here.

Sofacoffee Table
Youxi988 Power Couples Sofas Coffee Tables Roundup


Desk & Office Chairs Power Couple – This was a power couple post a lot of you asked for and we were happy to oblige. At EHD we are at our desks a lot and know that the perfect office chair and desk combo scientifically improves productivity. Just kidding, we have no idea if it helps. But it can’t hurt, right? Click through to the post to see all the pretty combos.

Deskoffice Chair
Youxi988 Power Couples Office Desks Office Chairs 2x2 2


Chandelier & Sconces Power Couple – Choosing a chandelier and sconce can be daunting. There are so many options and a lot of things to consider like scale, light type, finish, etc. We thought we’d just do the work for you. Here are 24 guaranteed awesome combos that are unique and are sure to shine a light on your good taste.

Youxi988 Power Couples Chandelier Sconce Lighting Pairs Roundup


Bed & Nightstand Power Couple – Choosing a bed and nightstand should be simple, but too often simple things have a way of getting overwhelming. We rounded up 26 picture perfect combos that are in scale and are complimentary in style. Now all you need to do is jump in and drift off into a design dream land.

Youxi988 Power Couples Beds Nightstands Roundup 1


I hope you guys find these posts helpful and you love the roundups as much as we do! What do you want to see next? Do you still like the power couple series? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big roundup! xx

  1. Thanks! Quick Q: the rug in the very first picture — flokati I think? What is a good source of these? I see them all over, with price points all over, but no way to judge what is high quality that will hold up. Also, any general tips on these and sheepskin rugs? Is it crazy to put in a white rug? I’m thinking for a guest room/library space.

    1. That was my rug (from West elm, 6 years ago!) that brady inherited. Not sure if its still available, but yes there are a lot of similar ones out there. We loved this one as well as a couple from Loloi. xx

      1. thanks!

  2. I love how thorough this post is! I would love to see you guys do a post about pairing sofas with end tables and table lamps. Getting the height right for the tables in comparison to the sofa arm figuring out the ideal lamp height/scale is kind of overwhelming. Maybe you’ve already addressed that and I missed it, but if not, it would be such good information to put out there!

    1. That is a good idea. So much math but would be fun to do!

  3. I would love a bistro table roundup… Something for small kitchens.

    1. what size? like 36″ or more like 48″?

      1. I would love this to! Something like 36″ – In desperate need of some good, affordable suggestions!

  4. LOVE the round-up posts!!! Can you do a “daybed” roundup next?? Looking for something stylish and affordable that can double as a bed and a couch!

    1. Oh yah. good idea. I actually need one … xx

  5. I would love a round up of dining chairs!

  6. What about favorite wallpapers? I’m thinking favorite “forest/trees” wallpaper, favorite “clouds/sky” wallpaper, favorite “animal” wall paper, etc? I know you’ve done tile and cement tile in the past but I don’t think you’ve done a tile combo round up? Large scale floor tile, smaller wall tile or vice versa?

    Or just favorite palettes? I know there are always constraints in any designed space (existing wood doors, favorite client color, existing piece of furniture, etc.) and I tend to gravitate towards certain colors/woods depending on the type of space (I love dark green in a bathroom for example but wouldn’t use it in large doses elsewhere for example). So what are your ultimate palettes if the sky is the limit?

    Also, if people loved the grout post, they might be interested in a “trim” inspiration post? Why some door/window trim is terrible and others steer a project to a certain era or something? IDK just trying to think of any part or piece you HAVEN’T covered! Keep it up!

    1. I LOVE these ideas. thank you! we’ll start brainstorming and bring them to the next editorial meeting (if I ever get back to LA :))

  7. Love your roundups. Still curious about the big cuddle chair from Sixpenny. EH used it in her daughter’s room for a short time. I was interested in that chair and wondered why she got rid of it? Any feedback you can share would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Oh it was awesome but that room was too small and we always knew it wasn’t going to work. Its a big chair and we need a big room. They had said ‘ hey do you want to use it for a few months if you like it? and I sat in it and said “yes”. The only other downfall is that getting in and out with a baby was hard. But man, if/when I get a huge family room its a DREAMY chair.

  8. Where is the delicious blue light from in the California cool? It’s a beauty. Can you share?
    Thanks so much for this AMAZING post!! Love it!

    1. click through!

  9. I would LOVE a roundup of comfy nursery rockers and gliders!

    1. the problem with comfy is that we need to actually sit on them and its strangely hard to see/sit on a rocker/glider in person, right? I wish there was a store that housed all of them (in which case you wouldn’t need someone to do a review because you could do it yourself … ). hmm… we’ll see what we can do.

  10. I love this roundup more than words can express. THANK YOU.

    1. ah, thank you!

  11. I love your roundups and I love the budget design series. So good!

  12. Thank you for this inspirational post! A lot of great things to mix and to match!

  13. It’s beautiful ..

  14. so many options ! love it -Daria

  15. This is so super helpful. Thank you so much!!!! I have so many things on my wishlist now.

  16. Ah! I love your round up posts! THANK YOU! I can’t imagine how much time it takes to put all of them together. Can you do a bedding one next? I feel like I’ve stuck with all white bedding forever and I wanna sass it up a bit but can’t seem to figure it out…

  17. This is a very useful post. I’m going to bookmark it and hope the url doesn’t change.

  18. Is this post shoppable and I’m missing how to do it? When I click on the items nothing happens.

  19. Love the rounds up. I’ve been searching all over LA for a sofa for 4 months and still can’t find something stylish and comfortable in leather. Love the West Elm Hamilton, but not super comfy. Room and Board Jasper is comfy, but not a fan of the leg. Would love to see a leather sofa round up!!!! Desperate!

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