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by Youxi988

I’ve never really wanted a portrait of me taken until I met work.  It’s so stylized, strange and powerful. I think she could take the most boring looking person on the planet and make them look incredibly interesting in a photo. I just love them so much.

Stephanie Vovas

In fact I was going to purchase one of these until I realized that I actually KNOW this girl (she works out with my former boxing trainer – so LA, I know). So now it seems weird to, you know, hang a huge portrait of someone who I occasionally bump bellies with at the gym in my bedroom. But this below portrait is one of my favorite pieces of art we have hanging in and if I didn’t know her I would totally buy her (and yes all art is for sale). 





She’s blowing up right now and sooo busy which is awesome. I thought about getting a pregnancy photo done with her but decided to wait and do a post baby shot (stupid house has taken all my vanity money away right now).

To look at more of her beautiful work, go here:  and follow her on and : .

Thanks once again for introducing me to another amazing artist that is now hung at

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