Art Roundup: Houses

Dear Emily’s Readers,

It’s Danielle from , and I’m back again with more art. And yes, it’s all still affordable! So, if our relationship is going to go further, you should know that I have a small obsession with houses. I’m not sure if it’s actually trending, but #houses are always trending in my head — even if they have plants growing out of the bottom of them:



Oh my. The collage/embroidery work of Amsterdam-based artist Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. Emily actually has a piece from Hagar, and you guessed it, I’m jealous. Hagar has prints available , or to talk about getting one of her amazing originals.


So, from houses with plants growing out of them, to houses with plants growing in them:

greenhouse artwork

American artist and his greenhouses. Sigh. I’m not sure how much his originals cost, but you can pick up a print of one of these bizarrely beautiful glass houses starting at $20. Yes. I said $20. ?!

Now, home truly is where the heart is – and if your heart is in a silver airstream in the middle of the desert, then have I got some art for you!

trailer-park artwork

Boston based artist paints a trailer like no one else can! Her originals are stunning (I was lucky enough to curate a group show that included her work, last year), but  you can also find a huge number of prints in her .

Houses. Boy oh boy, I really could look at them all day long. Maybe I’ll just wait here ’til my next post.

See you then ~ Danielle (aka )


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