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by Youxi988

Hello again — it’s Danielle from , back with another artsy, and affordable, roundup for you! OK, now, I realize it’s only April, but I’m pretty ready for summer to hurry up and get here, and so with that, I bring you today’s trending topic: #summer


Oh yes. I want all of that. Ice cream, popsicles, and candy sticks! This is the work of New Zealand born, UK based artist . He has originals for sale, from $250 to $3000, and prints in his starting around $60! Oh, and he also does commissions, so if there is a fancy popsicle that you want painted, you can reach him right here.

OK, we’ve got our treats, now let’s get away from it all, shall we:

summer vacation artwork

I recently discovered this work by Australian artist — and I love it all! Summer vacationers removed from their environments, and placed on fields of sky blue paint. Gor. Ge. Ous. Several pieces from this series are for sale, all you have to do is !


Are you getting too hot? Me too — let’s take a dip:

swimming artwork

Oh my. The underwater swimmers of New York-based painter, Samantha French. I wish you could see these in person. Most of them are really big, and when you’re surrounded by them in a gallery, you feel like you’re in a cool, blue pool! Samantha sells , , and also does .

And finally, what’s a summer day without a trip to the beach:

beach and sunset artwork

These are the very dreamy photographs of American photographer . All of these gorgeous, sun-soaked images are from her series, . There are oh-so-many more where this came from, and you can buy all of them in a range of print sizes — from an 8”x8” for $35, to a 20”x20” for $220 — very dreamy, indeed! testtest

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