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by Youxi988

They may not always be cheap or easy, but DIY’s are always rewarding…..right?

I’m not terribly good at DIY. Surprising, i know, what with my former mormon background, and my penchant for resourcefulness. But i don’t have enough patience to make them really good so i normally don’t even try.  Holiday gifts? Maybe….but otherwise i leave it up to the crafters of the world to make these things oh so pretty.  

But these DIY’s below i think i actually want and i think some of you should do them and then give them to me. Thank you.  


1. Rope Mirror via  So chic and looks expensive, but it isn’t.  

2. Painted baskets, via  Imagine in gold…..

3. Camera strap, from

4.  Exstention cord braid, from  Hide that cord with some more cords? But it looks awesome.

5. Dip Dyed table, Via T Such a cheap way to make Ikea look awesome.

6. Gold painted Ikea shelving, from   Yes. Yes. Yes.  

7. Rope Room Divider, via  For my future loft….

8. Hanging Garden, via

9. Tufted Headboard,   OK, I wouldn’t actually do this, but i think others should. 

10. Gold Leaf Notebooks, via   Such good holiday gifts for friends/neighbors, etc.

11. Gold Starburst via  Yes. Very good shelf filler for very cheap.  

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