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by Youxi988

Happy Monday Folks, today the entire EHD crew is en route to Roundtop, Texas to do a little shopping/team building and we couldn’t be more excited. Don’t worry we’ve still got content coming to you everyday on the blog, but be sure to check out my instastory for the play by play and to see what madness ensues while we are away. Since we are traveling today, we tasked our friend Ali to pull together another iteration in the 1 Room, 3 Budget series, and this time we are taking it outside. If you haven’t seen already from my instastory, we are in full backyard mode what with landscaping, castle building, and making some renovations to the patio. We are getting closer everyday and it is all suppose to be finished next week – talk about an exciting thing to come home to. But since backyard is on the mind and there is so much good stuff out right now in the stores, I thought it would be a perfect time to pull together an outdoor living room setup. Today we are going boho.


| | | | | | | | | | |  | |  | | | | | | | | | |

Let’s start with the most expensive which came in at just under 5k. I know when you think boho you might think saturated colors, crazy patterns, and antique/exotic furnishings but you can still get the boho vibe with just a few colors and some layering of patterns and textures. Because we have the graphic rug we could go more a little bit more modern with some of the furniture and the tonal pillows, pots and planters keep it from being too monochromatic. We also just used those planters in a shoot last week and they are good guys, so grab them while you can.


| | | | | | | | | | |  | |  | | | | | | | | | |

Round 2 comes in at just under 3k and I am still very into it. I have that sofa coming for my backyard and am very excited to try it out. I love these chairs too and for the price you can’t go wrong. But of course we went cheaper so below is the third variation which comes in at just under 2k.


| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

A lot of the main elements stayed the same on this last version but the rug, coffee table, and sofa were swapped out. If you are looking for a budget backyard living room setup without sacrificing style then this is for you.

Let us know if you guys have tried any of these pieces out before, and what you would like us to turn into a budget room next. Don’t forget to head over to my instastory for updates on the trip throughout the week, and we will be back tomorrow with some more blog content for you. Happy Monday Folks.


  1. I have a very similar set-up in my backyard. A teak sofa like that in #2 and woven loveseats in the same coloring as the chairs. I debated getting the target ones pictured and tried them out in store and they were not the most comfortabe, but not bad. And I actually just put together the target coffee table in the third look yesterday, but mine is white. I like the look of it and the price is great for it’s size. I worry it will scratch and rust, but for now, I love it!

  2. I love all 3 of these options! My porch/sunroom is basically just storage at this point but we’re starting to think about what exactly to do out there to make it functional so the timing of this is perfect. The green planters are so cute – everytime I go to Target I visit them. It’s taken all my willpower not to just buy one, but I don’t “need” them so I’m trying to resist. I also love those chairs from Target – I tried them out in the store and they were really comfortable.

  3. Happy Monday and thank you for sharing! I love seeing what you can do on a budget. Random request…I would love to see a paint post with paint colors you recommend along with breaking down all the different paint types and where they work best in the home. Thank you!

    1. This post from last year might be a good resource for you if you haven’t already seen it 🙂

    2. This post from 2014 might be helpful for fave colors too.

  4. How about budget room ideas for a home office/study space for kids?

  5. A couple questions here:

    1) For the $1980 room, what would you do in order to save money on the hanging latterns? They’re marked as $270 on the design board ($59.99 – $119.99 ea. at WM). So, would you just buy one? Or would you buy something else for lighting interest (e.g. string lights)?

    2) For the $1980 room, the side chairs are sold in a 3-piece set online (two chairs a small table). Since the table is not shown in the design board, does that mean that you just discard the small table? Could the side table be substituted into the board in lieu of something else (e.g. the black accent table) in order to save money?

    I love this series. I cannot express in written word how much! It is one of the most useful series of this blog for me and I always wind up buying at least one thing from one of the boards (unless it sells out first, which has happened! i.e. the blue and white English cottage bedroom rug).

    1. I suggest getting the rattan chairs from anthropologie. I have 2 of them, sold separately for $99 each.

  6. I am so excited that you will be in Texas and get to experience Round Top. I am playing hookie from work this week to sneak down there. It is not likely, but what a fun celeb sighting for me if I were to see you! Happy hunting to you!

  7. That Jardine sofa from West Elm (board #1) is not available. The website takes you all the way to the end of checkout before letting you know 🙁 I’ve been going through the process for over a month hoping to finally be able to buy it. It’s exactly what I want for our porch. Boo hoo. Emily, maybe you can find out the scoop?? When I call no one knows if it’s ever coming back or what the story is…

  8. I love all the different couch options!


  9. Love those side chairs. I have them myself on my front porch. They look so good with a modern craftsman home.

  10. Love the woven side chairs from Target!! I think they are pretty reasonably priced but I just wonder the longevity of the material on an uncovered patio. Enjoying these collages you put together too!

  11. So jealous you are in Roundtop! Sounds sooo fun! I surprised myself and didn’t like the most expensive one the most. Great post! 🙂

  12. Love these roundups! It is always hard for me to plan a space so these are great inspiration boards! I can not wait to get outside this season and find new outdoor home decor to make my outdoor space even more comfortable and stylish.

  13. Recently purchased the side chairs and I love them. I think they’re very comfortable and look a lot more expensive than they were. I will probably replace the cushions eventually because – white! Outside! Two little boys! Not realistic 🙂

  14. I have been looking for outdoor chairs. LOVE you pick and immediately clicked on the link to order them. So sad!!! Can’t be ordered online and all Targets in my area are sold out. Can you please tell Target that you featured their chairs and now more people want them!!! Why can’t they just start a wait list or an I’ll email you when they are available???

  15. Great and very uselful ideas! I love the pattern of the rug in the first option, I have a similar one (much, much smaller though) from H&M… awesome. I also adore those lanterns, they are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Anna From Italy

  16. We have the side chairs in #2 and #3 and we love them — so comfortable! I have to say, we ordered the World Market sofa (also in #3) and the cushions are rock hard, so it went back. It was really pretty in person, and we wanted to love it, but just putting this out there in case anyone else is addicted to soft (or at least not rock hard) cushions as we are 🙂

  17. Why are chairs listed at $140 in the last room? They’re listed on Target website as $279.99…

    1. The $280 listed on the site is for a 3 piece set: 2 chairs and a side table. For the mood board, they’re showing the cost of each individual chair.

  18. I love your outdoor approach, it’s a beautiful mix of high low. I would love to see you tackle a farmhouse with a narrow and wide front porch.

  19. Todas as opções são maravilhosas, eu gostaria de qualquer uma delas.

  20. I would love to see this in a playroom! Would love to see playroom storage units and collections that are not from PB Kids or Land of Nod (and less expensive!) Would be awesome in a round up too.

  21. I was in Round Top last weekend, too. What fun it would have been to run in to you (although I would only have gawked from afar and given you your privacy – lol). We blew through some funds at The Arbors, then enjoyed the fabulous weather. I hope you found some wonderful things and that you and the crew had a great time.

  22. Those target chairs retail for $280.00 – I know because I woefully sat in them this weekend lamenting over the price. Is $140.00 your ambassador discount, standard trade discount or just a typo?

    1. The $280 listed on the site is for a 3 piece set: 2 chairs and a side table. For the mood board, they’re showing the cost of each individual chair.

  23. The middle one is my favorite! Especially I love of the rug!

  24. Waw another great Post to decorate our house.I love all these..

  25. I have enjoyed all your budget rooms with three price points! I would love to see some home office options.

    We are in the process of changing a guestroom into an office and would love to see what you come up with. I obviously need a desk, but also some open shelves, filing cabinets and other organization tips and tricks.

  26. Unique Article !! Thanks to share blog..

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