ANNOUNCEMENT: If You’ve Ever Wanted to Go Shopping With Team EHD, Our New Shop Page Is Basically That

If you can recall from the post announcing the new Rooms section of the site from a few weeks back (oh, you don’t? What else were you doing?!? Don’t worry, you can see it here), you’ll remember the genesis of that was from a personal need. All those posts the team and I were working so… Read More …

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Small But Mighty...

6 Key Elements to Create the Exciting & Fun Portland Powder Bath

An (underrated) luxury of the Portland house was the presence of a powder bathroom. It’s the only bathroom on the main level (there used to be two full baths, but once we added the top floor, we shuffled things around), meaning no running up and down stairs. So appreciated, so functional. But powder baths can… Read More …

Deckin' Those Halls...

My First “Refined Traditional” Holiday Look…Target Style

If it were socially acceptable, I’d go straight from Halloween to Christmas. WHY? Because there is scientific evidence (somewhere) that proves those who decorate earlier are happier. Last year, I was VERY happy because I decorated in early November (for a shoot but left it), which meant 2 1/2 months of TOTAL JOY. No sarcasm… Read More …

The Portland Dining Room Reveal + How to Create A Room That Is Interesting Yet Sophisticated

Welcome to the Portland formal dining room reveal. It’s big, bright and can be seen from most of the rooms on the main floor. Although I say this for just about every room reveal that we’ve done (if you’re just joining us after being a little MIA, you might have missed the big living room,… Read More …

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