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by Youxi988

My own personal trend of ‘comfortable/chic clothes’ is not waning, folks. In fact the forecast for spring 0f 2014, fall of 2015 and, well, FOREVER, is comfortable clothes. At least until all my parts fit back into my now VERY uncomfortable jeans that are collecting dust in my closet.  Maybe they’ll be comfortable one day, but can they ever compare to elastic waisted stretch pants? Methinks, no.

So. much to I’m presuming Brian’s silent protest, i’m still going to wear comfortable/cute clothes while I’m working from home. So here’s what I’m digging:

Comfy Chic Mom Clothes

1.  Now that i’ve gotten better at nursing I don’t need the hooter-hider all the time, so a shawl like this is thin enough that Charlie won’t suffocate but is super cute and scarf-y.

2. Polka Dot : Another button that is fitted and flattering for my ‘constantly feeding this baby’ needs. I can’t get enough.

3. . If they have a cute  modern pattern and you pair it with a chambray and flats, then it’s not pj’s in my book. It’s what i call ‘pants’. I’ll fight you for it.

4.  Vans. I actually meant to use the black/white version of vans but this will do, too. I need slip ons for those two times a week I leave the house. Tying your shoes is so last year.

5.  Your feet should also feel comfort, especially when its cold outside (it gets down to 55 here, east coasters!!!)

6.  To be honest this would look pretty terrible on me because i think its best fitted on the a more svelte figure, but I just think its super cute and handy since I’m absolutely addicted to my phone and it has perfect phone pocket. Perhaps I can never let it leave my body with a dress like this.

7.  It’s a busy pattern so it hides all your imperfections (bra lines, slight muffin tops, etc) but it has enough of a shape to not look like a sack. Plus it buttons for easy access if you are nursing … or if you have a sex life. I just realized that breast-feeding moms aren’t the only ones who want easy access shirts. I also just realized how depressing that is…

8.  This looks simple and kinda boring, but welcome to my daily wardrobe which I’m sure you’ve seen in s. It was a splurge because its cashmere but I’ve never been so happy about a purchase (except my j brand jeans that make my but look so perky … perhaps i’ll fit back into them one day). This sweater is so soft, so comfortable and cozy that its hard to not wear it everyday. Its more like a cashmere robe than it is a sweater.

9.  I don’t have this one, but it’s just so cool and simple. I feel like it’s what rich hipsters wear to look dressed down when really its like a fortune for something so simple. But its cashmere and it has a weird pocket, therefore I want it.

To check out my other ‘comfortable/chic mom clothes check out HERE, and for my favorite maternity clothes go HERE.

Any other recommendations, folks?

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