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by Youxi988

It’s makeover time, folks. I leave tomorrow for Minneapolis, Minnesota to style the house of the LOVELY family who run the . I met Bruno two years ago at Alt Summit where he stuck out like a giant in a sea of toddlers — solely because he was a male. And straight. A straight male at Alt Summit, folks. I met them both last year and took a liking to them, so when they pitched me the idea of me styling their house in a place I’ve never been, I was totally into it.

Over on their blog they showed their before photos and a lot of the resources, paint colors, etc., so I thought I’d put up in a mood board, including art, to hint at where it’s heading. Because it’s heading somewhere REALLY GOOD.

Curbly Living Room

Here is where we are starting: generally mid-century with some other eclectic pieces thrown in. It’s pretty darn hard to design a place from across the country so what has worked before is to have a lot of the major pieces there already and then do A TON of shopping and styling when we get there. We gave ourselves three days to shop and two days to shoot, which should be enough, and of course Orlando is joining me on this mid-western adventure.

Resources: 1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4.  | 5. | 6. Vintage Chair | 7. | 8. | 9.


Curbly Dining Room

We are doing three rooms — , and — and maybe more once we get there … you know, throw in the sunroom for good measure. They want it to feel homey and warm with a lot of mid-century pieces.

10. | 11. | 12. Vintage Dining Table | 13. | 14. | 15.

Curbly Bedroom

So while the mood boards might change and more art/accessories will be added (in addition to furniture), this is what we are working off of for now. Thanks, Sherwin Williams for sponsoring this partnership — I promise you I’ll make it look amazing. Check out all of the Curbly’s sneak peeks into the project

Off to the Midwest!!

16. | 17. | 18. | 19.  | 20. | 21. | 22. | 23.

This post was sponsored by but all designs and words are mine, folks, I promise. testtest

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