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by Youxi988
Nicolette Mason_Makeover_Before_Header

About a month ago we did another weekend makeover with Target, this time of blogger‘s new house. The whole reveal will be on monday here but I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek into the process as a teaser. Because I’m a big old tease.

 and her new wife and pug had just moved in and didn’t really have much. Here is what their space looked like before:

Nicolette Mason_Makeover_Before 1

Except for the pieces that she did have (which were really good) it was a total blank canvas. The home has a shared living/dining/kitchen on the same floor so we addressed both areas.

She sent me a mood board of her style to start the ideas firing:

Nicolette Moodboard_Nicolette

It’s old Hollywood, with an edge – and a lot of contrast and pink. When I saw this I got really excited but her space is brand new so I knew that in order for it to not look like a fun house w were going to have to tame it down a bit. My goal was to give her the vibe that she wanted, but still keep it sophisticated and appropriate to the condo. So I came up with two quick art directions:

Nicolette_Moodboard_Pretty in Pink

What she already had was the sofa, coffee table, side table (not shown) and those curtains. This version has that beautiful marbleized/geode wallpaper, with a lot of hits of black and pink. It walks the line towards crazy without overstepping it – which is a delicate thing to do.

| | | | | Wood and Brass Lamp: Target | Tribal Pillow: Target | | | | | | | | |  |

Since she (and I) is so attracted to that classic Martinique wallpaper which is a fortune, by the way, I found this more modern version and proposed this plan:

Nicolette_Moodboard_Regency Palm

This one felt even more calm – although not totally there yet. These were just to gauge her interest in the more major pieces – hot pink Persian rug versus a solid, neutral wallpaper versus the crazy palm, etc.

 | | | | | Wood and Brass Lamp: Target | Tribal Pillow: Target | | | | | | | | |  |

Based on this feedback we created a third plan, combining the two, but if I showed you that I’d have to kill you and I’m very busy today (what with the studio sale and all) so instead I’ll give you a sneak peek and then next week you have to come see how the room really turned out.

You know I don’t like to hype things up and that generally in life I like to lower people’s expectations so I can swoop in and impress them, but I’ll just say this: I’m extremely excited to show you this makeover.

Nicolette Mason Makeover_Frankie and Emily_Sneak Peek

Also during the makeover I convinced Frankie to tell ALL her girlfriends to buy . I reminded her that every pre-sale means the world to me because we get one step closer to the ultimate goal – the best seller list. She agreed. She’s very amicable. Especially when I’m giving her peanut butter.

P.S. have you guys had a chance to watch yet? Get to it. Then buy , and then have an EXCELLENT weekend. Listen, I’m 36 weeks pregnant – my “assertiveness” which is typically strong gets much closer to “aggressiveness” when I’m this pregnant. Very Bossy …. 

  1. OMG – so excited to see this! And total bonus, one of the spaces Nicolette pinned I helped style last year! 🙂

  2. This is making me feel so much better about the (insanely pretty) hot pink rug in my living room 🙂 Can’t wait to see!

  3. Glad you guys decided to go with this wallpaper! It’s a beauty.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  4. Soooo…I’ve had a long week and so I could be having deja vu, but hasn’t this already been posted? If someone else could just confirm that for me so I know I’m not going crazy that would be great! :-\

    1. I checked the comments to see if anyone else has noticed this. So no you’re not crazy.

      1. I thought the same! Not only that, but Refinery29 actually had the reveal up a few days ago. I’m not sure if it’s there now–was that a mistake? Regardless, it looked beautiful!

    2. Whew! I thought the same thing. Glad it’s not just me. Looking forward to all the details!

  5. Done and done! Looking forward to seeing the reveal. Love that wallpaper…and the hot pink rug!

    Analog House

  6. Still loving that wood and brass lamp from Target! I’ve been to three different Targets in my area, but I’ve had no luck finding it. I’ll keep looking (woman with a mission!) or hopefully it’ll eventually be available online.

  7. I bought a bunch of the books. Can hardly wait to get them.

  8. Hi

    I’m a Norwegian fan, but since your site remodel I’ve been having problems getting the site to refresh/upload the newest content. Do you have this problem in the US too? I’ve tried different browsers and different computers, but that doesn’t help. Now for instance the latest post I get up here is this one from 25 September, but I don’t think that is the latest post.


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