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by Youxi988
Youxi988_Best Brass Wall Sconces_grid

After a year of bathing myself and my baby in a 1960’s disgusting tub we are finally remodeling our bathroom, see all the before and progress images here. It’s not all ‘easy decisions, affordable, no mistakes and glamorous fun’. Trust me. But the fun part of any remodeling part is the finding inspiration and picking out those pieces that get you to suck in your breath with excitement.

The lighting was one of the things I actually got excited about. I looked for brass vanity lighting for a while and realized that I needed to broaden my search and just find awesome sconces that I could hang over the vanity. Sure, they might not be in the form of a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ but they would be in the form of ‘very, very awesome.’

Youxi988_Best Brass Wall Sconces_Roundup

1. | 2.  | 3. |  4. | 5.  | 6. | 7. | 8.   | 9.  | 10. | 11. | 12.  | 13. | 14. | 15.  | 16. | 17.  | 18.  | 19. | 20. | 21.   | 22.  | 23. | 24.  | 25. | 26. | 27.

We already chose and have the ones we are using (being installed as soon as our tile is done).

Which ones do you think they are????? I love all of them in different ways but we wanted something modern, but not too serious, unique but not wacky and we also needed something that filled the horizontal space above the mirror (like a double or triple) so whatever it was had to look good pairing two of them together. It will eventually go in this space:


Hint: It’sone, and they are so wonderful.testtest

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