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by Arlyn Hernandez
Youxi988 Kids Jack and Jill Bathroom
Ryan Leibe for EHD | From: Our Kid’s Jack and Jill Bathroom Reveal

***Written by Arlyn Hernandez

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I do not currently have children. I do, however, have three nephews (two that are 8 and another that is a new little peanut of almost 4 months). My sister-in-law (with the baby peanut person) isn’t quite at the stage where she’s concerning herself with my nephew’s bathroom decoration (it’s also the guest bathroom and decorated accordingly…for adults), but I remember my sister not even bothering with the bathroom for her twin boys when they were younger because she never cared for traditionally cutesie kid things. The boys’ bathroom was a Jack-and-Jill connected to the guest room, so she didn’t necessarily want to deck it out in plastic rubber duckie shower curtains or Backyardigans (is that still a thing?) paraphernalia. Of course, now, it’s adorned in the colors of their favorite baseball team (she LOVES this ::side eye::)…, but oh if only she had this round up all those years ago, because I really think she would have appreciated devoured it.

As it turns out, there are A LOT of “cutesie” or character-driven kid decor out there (I can almost hear all the moms out there thinking well yeah…this is not a new development). BUT…BUT, there also happens to be A TON of insanely sweet, more subtle bath goods, textiles and accessories that could very well fit into a room used both by the occasional guest and your little kiddos. So much, in fact, that while researching/going over picks with Jess, I’m pretty sure I felt a twinge in my ovaries. So, for anyone out there that has struggled to decorate a bathroom for their tiny humans, hold on to your child’s Hatchimals, because we have OVER TWO HUNDRED products for you, from shower curtains and rings to bath toys and art…even toothbrushes and storage.

Youxi988 Kids Jack and Jill Bathroom
Ryan Leibe for EHD | From: Our Kid’s Jack and Jill Bathroom Reveal

Birdie and Charlie’s Jack-and-Jill bathroom is sweet enough to be appropriate for their young age but if you stripped back the toys in the tub and the bath mat (heck, leave the bath mat), it would def still work for adults. That’s usually how kids’ bathrooms go. I don’t think most people are out here slapping Mickey Mouse wallpaper up on the walls and installing novelty faucets that their children will grow out of quickly. A rug here, some curtain rings there, maybe a cute toothbrush holder and towel and BOOM you’ve got yourself a kids bath. Below are 30 shower and bath mats that range from pretty theme-y (like the shark from , , and the duckie at ) to more older kid (and guest room) friendly (, , , and ).

Scroll down and you’ll also find two dozen bath toys and sponges. My nephews always loved any opportunity to pour water out of something and squish water out of their little hands, so if this were 7 years ago, I would absolutely have picked up , and . Oh, I also bought them something very similar to the whale faucet spout cover at and they loved to look at it/attempt to chew it while my sister didn’t have to stress about one of them banging their noggins into a hard metal fixture.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8.  | 9.  | 10. | 11.  | 12.  | 13.  | 14. | 15.  | 16.  | 17. | 18.  | 19.  | 20. | 21.  | 22. | 23.  | 24. | 25.  | 26. | 27. | 28. | 29. | 30. 

1.  | 2.  | 3. | 4.  | 5.  | 6.  | 7. | 8.  | 9.  | 10.  | 11.  | 12.  | 13. | 14.  | 15.  | 16. | 17.  | 18 | 19. | 20.  | 21.  | 22. | 23. | 24. 

Youxi988_Cortney Bishop_Kids Bathroom

I’m deep into an infatuation with , so I popped on over to her Instagram and site when looking for kids bathroom inspiration. Of course, she would use one of my favorite Hygge & West prints (their Daydream motif) for the  of this completely enviable bathroom. I’m not much of a pink person myself, but even I would have swooned over this as a young girl. It says “youth” without being overtly kiddish…as do the rest of these 24 shower curtains and hooks. The two from Quiet Town ( and ) would absolutely be at home in my adult home but are also happy enough for a bathroom belonging to a youngun; combining the pom curtain at with the super sweet safari animal rings at #4 would be great for those first few years, and you could easily swap out the rings for something a little more grown like or when they become too “baby” for your older, cooler kid).

1. | 2.  | 3.  | 4.  | 5.  | 6.  | 7.  | 8. | 9.  | 10. | 11.  | 12.  | 13.  | 14. | 15. | 16.  | 17.  | 18.  | 19.  | 20.  | 21.  | 22. | 23.  | 24. 

First off, how cool are these built-in lockers in this bathroom featured in ? For a house full of kids, how perfect would these be for keeping everyone’s stuff (towels, toothbrush, brush, etc.) in a designated place per person, any mess hidden behind a metal door? GENIUS. Actually, my husband and I could probably use these, too (well, really, just me…he has one drawer that’s basically empty because he doesn’t need much beyond his toothbrush which is on the counter, a comb and his razor). And well, because there were towels in this photo, we used it as the lead-in photo for our towel roundup (one of my favorites from this post). Oh, there are hooks, too? Okay, those show up in this section, too, then!

Anything with a hood (and ears) gets my baby clock tickin’ LOUD (I mean…that …and the …and let’s not forget WITH THE PAWS AND TAIL). If you’re well out of the baby-in-a-hooded-towel years, I’m really loving the subtle design on , and even I want the towels at in that windowpane print. Anything with pom poms is a home run in my designing-a-kids-bath-without-a-kid book, so obviously I love , and linen is super fast absorbing, so and are great for those of you with squirmy rugrats who have little patience for bathtime.

And because you need a place to hang those towels (and loofahs or baby robes…please tell me there are baby robes), we’ve got a handful of great hooks. , , (and , , and ) are awesome for older kids or a bathroom that doubles as a guest bath since they’re fun yet don’t scream BABY. Can’t lie though, that would be a fun addition to a grown-up’s home to hold purses, grocery bags…sometimes you just need something fun and unexpected right? Childlike wonder and all…

1. | 2.  | 3. | 4.| 5. | 6.  7. | 8. | 9.| 10. | 11.  | 12.  | 13.  | 14.  | 15.  | 16.  | 17.  | 18.  | 19.  | 20.  | 21.  | 22.  | 23. | 24.  | 25.  | 26.  | 27.  | 28.  | 29.  | 30. 

1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4.  | 5.  | 6.  | 7.  | 8.  | 9.  | 10.  | 11.  12.  13.  | 14.  | 15. 

Youxi988_Kristina Crestin Design_Kids Bathroom

There’s so much to love about this bathroom by —the classic black-and-white hex floors, the trough sink, the moody blue walls. The baby animal art prints clearly point to this being a little person’s bathroom, but the designer kept everything else pretty subtle with a pretty wood step stool and basket. It’s kind of as grown up as a kids bath can get…I dig it. It’s basically a study in how art—and accessories—can change the vibe of a space (this is not new news, of course…just a reminder). Below, you’ll find 18 pieces of art that would work for all ages (we know the is strange but we strangely like it). Other standouts: the from Etsy, the (because why not?), from Serena & Lily painting on plywood for a bit of something different and the for anyone with a nautical theme that you don’t want to overdo.

1. | 2.  | 3. | 4.  | 5.  | 6.   | 7.  | 8. | 9.  | 10.  | 11.  | 12.  | | 13.  | 14. | 15. | 16. | 17.  | 18. 

1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4. | 5.  | 6.  | 7. | 8.  | 9.  | 10.  | 11.  | 12. | 13. | 14.  | 15.  (Set of 2) | 16.  | 17.  | 18.  | 19.  | 20.  | 21.  | 22.  | 23.  | 24.  | 25.  | 26.  | 27.  | 28.  | 29.  | 30. 

Youxi988_Regan Baker Design_Kids Bathroom

We’re ending off this roundup with a bathroom with the coolest floors of the bunch—this design by . This last roundup is chockful of all of those accessories you need to round out the usability of your kids’ bath…toothbrush holders, soap pumps, stools, rinse cups, wastebaskets, etc. There’s a lot to add immediately to your cart (um, that submarine multi-tasker, anyone?) here, so I’ll stop chit-chatting and let you get to shopping (but before you go, I want to give a special shoutout to the , the , the , and the …okay go!).

1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4.  | 5.  | 6.  | 7.  | 8.  | 9.  | 10.  | 11.  | 12.  | 13.  | 14.  | 15. | 16.  | 17.  | 18.  | 19.  | 20.  | 21.  | 22.  | 23. | 24.  | 25. | 26. | 27.  | 28.  | 29.  | 30.  | 31.  | 32. | 33.  | 34.  | 35.  | 36. | 37.  | 38.  | 39. testtest

  1. I’m very into this post. Our kids’ bathroom is THE bathroom (it’s the only bathroom in the house unless you count the kooky one in the basement) so we can’t go full-theme or full-kid, but I still see plenty here that I could use for an adult + kid + guest multi-tasking bathroom.

    1. This is me! We only have one bathroom (but LOL I just got my property tax notice and the value inexplicably went up $150k in one year and I just keep saying over and over again, “but we just have one bathroom”) and there are so many things that are great for a shared space.

  2. OMG I am so hoping that all of these adorable fox items will still be around when I’m ready to have kids. They are SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I KNOW. So insanely cute…I wonder how nuts it would be to just buy some of this stuff for my future baby hahaha

  3. This post is perfect timing since we’re in the process of doing our kid’s bathrooms!


  4. Love these! For some reason I always gravitate towards water/nautical theme bathrooms. I guess it makes sense given that you’re bathing in there… FYI that Minted x Pottery Barn Kids has a great collection on the PB kids website of wall art by independent artists. Also, I feel like this happy shark would go really well with some of the other sharky goodness above:

  5. Hi

    I think the link is wrong for Courtney Bishop. Also I think some of the pictures are missing for the roundups.

    1. Thanks, link fixed now! As for the roundups, sometimes, depending on your browser they take a second to pop up. Try refreshing and hopefully they’ll show up for you!

  6. Having some trouble posting today on this site so hopefully this doesn’t now go through multiple times….
    Love these! For some reason I always gravitate towards water/nautical theme bathrooms. I guess it makes sense given that you’re bathing in there… FYI that Minted x Pottery Barn Kids has a great collection on the PB kids website of wall art by independent artists. Also, I feel like this happy shark would go really well with some of the other sharky goodness above:

  7. Love this roundup and it doesn’t hurt eye spy the Puj bath treads and B/W Anthro hook I have in my son’s bathroom. His bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s painted green- BM Avocado I think and has a striking black elements. Using the B/W Wee Gallery flash cards I created a floating art piece in a black frame above his toilet. He’s only two and the Pillowfort fish shower curtain is fun for him and repeats another element- a fish drawing I did when I was school that is also framed in black. I love the yellow cloud curtains!

  8. This kid at heart sees no reason why ALL OF THIS (except the toys, granted) wouldn’t belong in non-kid bathrooms in small doses. Adults without whimsy, yaawwwwn.

  9. any chance you have the source for the bubble light in the Cortney Bishop pink bathroom? Love it!

    1. Yes it’s the bubble chandelier from Pelle:

  10. Love this, but an we see a version for adults please? Feels like we need the playful adult bath accessories edit.

  11. Super cute! As the aunt of littles, I’m always looking for fun gifts for them that my sister/sister-in-law won’t hate me for getting. The robes and toys are fantastic. Thanks for this!

  12. Love all of these bathrooms! Do you have a link for the footstool in the pink cabinet bathroom and the royal blue wall bathroom? I love that!

    1. I was eyeing the same thing — where is that from?

      1. I believe it’s from Serena & Lily:

    2. Looks like this one from Serena & Lily!

  13. Love this roundup! The only thing is that open trash cans (especially in a bathroom) are an invitation to curious little monsters and result in all your gross all over your bathroom and children. Cans with lids, ideally ones that are tough for your average toddler to open, are the way to go.

  14. This is everything a mom needs!

  15. Howdy! Love your style. I noticed that you’ve done a few walehouse/ studio sales. Will you be doing one this year?

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  17. Could you provide a source for the black floor tiles from the Courtney Bishop bathroom?

  18. That boat from ABC Home in the first section is perfection. And I love that industrial locker idea! Now I just need to find a way to get that in my own home.

  19. If you want to make more attractive and good looking bath accessories for kids then you can follow this post. If you want to take more information and support then you can coordinate with us

  20. I really enjoyed this roundup. I would love to see more posts about designing spaces for kids that aren’t too childish looking, and that adults can enjoy also!

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