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by Youxi988

A lot of people ask what working with Target actually means – like what are you really doing for them? And its kinda a hard question to answer but this post/magazine article is a good example. The challenge (which it wasn’t really a challenge) was to show how to incorporate pieces into my style in a photo shoot for Matchbook magazine. We couldn’t reveal our house because that is being shot in two weeks (dear god two weeks???) for Domino, so we took to the studio space downstairs and propped it all out.


Photography by , hair and makeup by

I think its widely known that of all the mass market stores is pretty much the best. Their pieces are stylish, affordable, on trend, and really, really easy to incorporate into many different styles – like so. Their inventory changes a lot (sometimes too quick where i’m like HEY!!! WHERE DID THAT GO!!!) so you don’t feel like you are going to have the exact same things as every single person you know and see something so often that you get sick of it. I’ve even bought things at thrift stores from seasons before that I never caught while in stores (like this ‘vintage’ tray that i blogged about that you guys called me out on saying ‘ITS TARGET!!’).


Sir Charles participated in a wildly too large tie. He’s so cute I want to go into his crib, poke him in the forehead til he cries just so I can comfort him back to sleep. Because moms are secretly psychotic like that.


I’m bubbly. Its true. I’m also known as ‘spunky’. If you knew me you would continue to use those adjectives but they would probably be accompanied by ‘scattered, frenetic, a slight know it all with a comically bad sense of spatial awareness’.  But i’ll take ‘bubbly’.


Also I have really pale legs – although look! They are in the color palette and match the sofa perfectly!! Speaking of color palette I was super excited to have an excuse to do a pink sofa. We came up with the color palette and just went with it; pale pink, mustard, teal and lots of natural materials (woven chair, women stool, macrame, etc). I LOVE IT. Sometimes I feel so stuck in my color palette of blue, gray, white, gold, wood/leather that I just get so bored by my self, but my house is so open that I really want it to be cohesive and I want pieces to be interchangeable (although as a teaser I am introducing an accent color that will throw things off – one that Brian is not exactly excited about … stay tuned). So being able to play around with this palette was totally fun. And guess who I sold that pink sofa to? S’right. Party House (office).


I incorporated a lot of my favorite vintage or handmade pieces with the pieces. I think that is key to keeping it looking interesting. You don’t have to have a ton of vintage or scour the globe for interesting handmade items, but just a few of those change the context of everything else. Its the same with fashion – you can wear a simple white button up or striped tee and jeans and then do something weird with your purse, hat, belt or shoes to shake it up. Its all about context.


Almost all the pieces that aren’t vintage or handmade are Target, in face I think ALL of them – wait the rug is fro Lulu and Georgia and that blue velvet pillow is from ABC Carpet and Home, so I take that back.

Sources: Woven Chair: Vintage | Macrame Hanging Planter and Pot: Vintage | Pink Couch: Vintage | |  | |  | | |  | |  |   | |  | , Bookcase:

Art:  |  |  |  |  | All other Art: Vintage


Sources: Wicker Chair: Vintage | Desk:  (no longer online but should still be in stores) |  | |  (which now lives upstairs in my family room with Charlie toys in it)

7 8 9

My outfit was a mix of and other staples. I love that blouse (strangely flattering) and you can get it  The blue shorts are , and the teal and white button up is

10 11

kills it … we all know that. Between collection, their line and the line its easy to shop, hoard and style with their pieces. I hope you enjoyed seeing them mixed with my style because man, it sure was fun.

Happy Friday, folks. And thank you so much and t for making this feature happen.

Photography by and hair and makeup by

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