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by Youxi988

Welcome to the new series called ‘Drafts We Never Published.’ There are 375 of them in the vault – some total garbage, some political rants, some emotional mom stuff, and some design or style pieces that I pulled the plug on for whatever reason. So, why would we post this now? Well for a few reasons – 1.) It’s crazy that we put days into some posts that just go to waste, and while I nixed them for whatever reason some of them are still DECENT content. Oh, and 2.) I’m trying to take a bit of a break this summer like all of you, and these posts are already done, so why not take more time to hang with toddlers and enjoy our summer Fridays at the office? Regarding the comments from a couple days ago about the content feeling a little lacking lately – I totally appreciate constructive criticism because ultimately we are a business and you are our customer. If you think that we aren’t mixing it up enough, that is really good to hear. I think most of the round-ups are soooo useful (and take days to put together, so please don’t think they are just easy ‘filler’ content), but I get it if you want more of the other stuff (the house, personal  projects, etc). Less bean bags, more ask the audience or design reveals (how amazing was yesterday???).

We have some big changes happening over here – all exciting, some sad, which will be announced in August, and then in September we have the full reveal of the house (which is under embargo until then). Plus we are finishing so many design client’s homes this month and can’t wait to show you those. I am writing 3 very personal posts right now and maybe on vacation next week I’ll actually get to finish them (by the way, ‘vacation’ with two small kids just means that you are parenting, with a wine headache for a week – it’s lovely to spend so much time with them, but so not relaxing). Today we are headed to Sacramento where we will lay around while the grandparents parent for us (god bless them), then Brian and I go solo to Tahoe for 3 days of total bliss at  (thanks for all your suggestions on Instagram).

ANYWAY, 8 months ago we pulled together this post after my Thred Up partnership. They sent us all the assets and I was like, surely we can get a post out of these (this post wasn’t required, obviously). So we prepped it all out and then I was like – Wait . . . I think I might look like an annoying blogger who thinks she is a model . . . and I didn’t really have any information or a story to tell. I felt self conscious (which is rare for me) and didn’t feel like dealing with a backlash about how I take myself too seriously, so the day before it was to go live, I canned it. And now it’s up, but it makes me feel better telling you about it.

So . . . happy summer Fridays, folks. My crew is done at 1pm and I’m out in a couple hours.

Meanwhile here’s how you mix patterns and textures in fashion and home 🙂

Outfit #1 – Two Patterns


That skirt will always make me remember a weird time in my life. I’m not sure I ever really divulged to you guys, but I didn’t take much of a maternity leave with Elliot (don’t feel bad for me, I also work for myself so I’ve taken leaves during less busy times of the year to make up for it). A big note: If you have my job do not have a baby late October, and especially not the week your book comes out. November and December are literally SLAMMED every day until the Sunday before Christmas – all good things, but it was nuts, and I basically had a newborn strapped to me working for months and months. I was back on camera 3 weeks after her birth (by choice, a job I really wanted and had accepted months earlier) and then I had two back-to-back, on-camera jobs in New York in early December for two major partnerships a couple weeks later. In case you haven’t had kids here’s the deal (and I realize I didn’t have it that bad) – No time in your life will your body be as challenging to dress than the few months after having a baby. I look at the videos I shot during that time and cringe . . . until I slap myself for being so hard on myself physically and not recognizing that I had JUST had a baby days before and was working so hard to support that baby. Sometimes I think that no one is meaner to themselves than a working mom.

Anyway, I had a huge press event/speaking engagement in New York that I had to dress for and I shopped for HOURS trying to find something that was appropriate for the season and the type of event, flattering on my post baby body and of course camera friendly, etc., but not boring. I found this skirt and breathed a big sigh of relief. It was classy and super tailored, but had a flirt/style to it what with that ruffle at the bottom. And I could wear a blouse and a structured jacket on top to help reign it all in. It’s by which is a crazy expensive (but amazing) brand, and it was the first thing that I put on where I felt confidant. That top is one that I also bought for a speaking engagement and yet have never left the house in it (BTW these photos were taken when Elliot was a year old, if that was confusing).

In case you are the 2% still reading this and want to know about mixing patterns here goes – If you have one bold pattern (like the skirt), pair it with something tonal or subtle to avoid looking like an insane/crazy person. And if you are interested in that look, but in your home here you go:


1.  | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

Outfit #2 – Mixing Texture

I can’t with this photo of me, below. And the sconce. Obviously had this been an actual post we would have photoshopped that out, but I can’t exactly photoshop a different expression on my face. Something out that window was HILARIOUS.


I still have that skirt and LOVE IT. I don’t think it’s available anymore (I did get it on ThredUp), but it’s great for occasions where the mini skirt (you know I love a mini) is not appropriate, but the pencil is a bit conservative and not flattering on me.

This was more about mixing textures – the dots on the bottom, with the fray on top. Nothing really to learn here except that mixing textures is a good thing. Breaking news, folks.

And if you are into that, but for your home, you can get the look:


1.  | 2. | 3.  | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7.

Outfit #3 – Two Different Patterns, In Two Different Colors

Lastly this outfit below is about mixing two different patterns in different colorways. We have a large scale on bottom and small scale on the top, with something solid to give your eye a break. I like it, but it feels a little young for me. I mean, it is full of hearts and flowers so yah, not shocking.


If I were to wear this outfit it would be for a daytime blogger event, where you want to look ‘young and fun!’ 🙂

Here’s the ‘get the look’ which never really worked for me, but I like everything individually. Actually that floral pillow is questionable, even though it does indeed look like the skirt . . .


1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

Thanks for listening. Maybe these posts will give me an excuse to rant about what’s on my mind while giving you something original to look at . . . Dunno. We’ll tweak the content thanks go your suggestions and hopefully I’ll finish these three posts that I’m working on. One is about ‘Whole Foods Moms,’ one is ‘The Best Practical Advice From Working Moms’ (crowdsourced from my best friends), and the one I haven’t started but have been writing in my head for a year is ‘How Millennial Dads Can Change The World’ (as related to women/moms, obviously).

Happy Summer Friday. I’m out next week but we’ve already prepped all the posts (THANKS TO MY AMAZING TEAM) and I’ll be on Instagram and Instastory.

*P.S. let me know if you are into a few of these previously unpublished drafts posts. We actually don’t have many in which I would actually publish, maybe 4 – 5 more (next week involves grout colors! WOW!).

  1. You’re so cute Emily! I love this more unedited post and I laughed at the crooked sconce. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Awww don’t be so hard on the flower pillow! I like it! I would love to hear more rant-y stuff like this =) For no other reason except that it is very entertaining.

  3. Oh Emily, you tease! I Can’t wait to hear and see all your exciting news that you having coming up at the end of the summer. I am having a major lady crush on your right now! The way you are so relatable and doing your thang is so awesome/inspiring to me. I work for a major home
    e-commerce site and wish you where one of our influencers just so I could meet you, selfish perhaps but it’s the truth (oh and we could you know use all that crazy awesome home wisdom that you have). I stop into your site ever morning for daily dose inspiration and it totally helps me get through the day :). And now I’ll stop gushing/being a silly fan girl. Thanks for all the work you and your team does!!!

  4. Emily – your comment — “by the way, ‘vacation’ with two small kids just means that you are parenting, with a wine headache for a week” — is so true. Love your posts, keep at it.

    1. This made me laugh out loud because it’s so true and I just came off of a vacation or family trip as I call them. 😚

    2. I call vacation with my family “job relocation” 😉

  5. I personally love these–Happy vaca!

  6. Emily and team, I totally agree that if you put time and effort into a post why not publish it? I don’t think many people realize how hard it is to make this content. Even the “simplest” posts can take a very long time to create. On my very teeny tiny blog it can take me hours and hours to write basic posts because I’m constantly tweaking/editing (guess it’s the journalist in me.) Much less posts like yours that require input from team members, sponsors, photographers, etc, etc, the list goes on. You wrote them for a reason so why not let them shine right? And the audience here does seem to provide great feedback for you guys to incorporate into your editorial calendar, so at worst you get a bunch of comments with constructive criticism. At best, the post ends up being a hit and your readers enjoy it. Can’t lose in my book 🙂 Cheers and enjoy your summer!

  7. Thank you! This post was fun 🙂 I cannot wait to read the one with tips for working moms!!

  8. Love and will read absolutely anything you write–partially uncooked or fully finished 🙂 Enjoy vacay!

  9. Ha! Good stuff. Also, I want that frayed denim top!! Happy summer!

  10. Letting you know what I think because you asked! I don’t usually write to whine about the types of posts I don’t care for because I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings, haha, but when you do surveys/etc. I am more apt to weigh in.

    So here’s my #1 harsh mean feedback–I don’t care about anybody’s projects on your staff. (God I feel so bad saying that but it’s true!) YOU are the blogger I came here for and have been following for years when I first discovered you because of some random houseplant styling post ages ago, post HDTV (I don’t watch so I had never seen your TV stardom start). I follow Orlando’s blog now but I actually read his stuff more for his lifestyle pieces than aesthetics. You (and your constantly evolving style) are the tastemaker behind this site IMO, and no one who is assistant/etc. to you has the same flair for putting a space together, which makes sense as none of them have been in the business as long as you have. I consider it impressively generous that you give your staffers such a cool platform to grow and showcase their own evolving design careers, but truth be told, I feel like that content waters down the vibe of the brand overall and if I were in your place I’d probably be stingier about what I let all the other contributors run because let’s be real, EH is the name in the URL, ya know? I will say that you always hire people who do a good fun personality-filled job with their writing vibe, which is so crucial given that your own writing style is a big part of your brand/online presence, but your writing takes the cake over everyone else’s too for me which again makes sense as you’re the one pictured in the header, etc.

    Anyway, that is my big “god I feel mean but hey you did ask” sentiment. I generally don’t care for the fashion posts mostly because we have such different bodies, budgets, and styles that they don’t feel personally relevant for me, but I don’t like get mad at them or anything, I just tend to tune them out. Roundups are sometimes incredibly useful and sometimes tune-out-worthy, but I always figure there may come a day when I go back and find them super useful if I’m suddenly hunting for the perfect bean bag chair for a kid in the future. 🙂 And even though I am only now on the cusp of motherhood (37 weeks preggo with my first, yay!) I have always appreciated your motherhood and work/life balance posts. Don’t care for the travel ones except as they relate to traveling with kids/parenthood/marriage/etc.

    My FAVORITE content is always your client projects followed by your home. I love love love seeing your client work. It’s what inspires me to keep coming back and what exposes me to cool new ideas for my own space. And it’s what has in the past moved me to reach out for design quotes from you… where I once again was put off because it seemed like I would be working with your other staffers and not you yourself, and even though I know you’re a team, I’m so swayed by you as the primary tastemaker that I’ve always shied away from actually hiring y’all because I just selfishly only want Emily input and frankly I probably could never afford that so it’s OK. But keep cranking out those client projects and those rooms in your own home that you keep tackling! Those are my personal favorites.

    I hope this is helpful and read in the light I mean it in! I <3 the thing that you all collectively produce and recommend it to people all the time who come to me for design-learning resources.

    1. Oh, and I always like your design mistakes and here’s how you follow this specific rule posts. Like the combining patterns of different scale video you did a while back was great, and the stuff about rug sizing etc. is useful. And I have sent your “no bad espresso wood furniture” post to my husband over and over again because he loves that shit, heh.

    2. Agree! Agree! Agree! I love your stuff, your content not anyone else’s. The round ups are so helpful even when they aren’t my style, I keep them in the back of my mind. I hate the fashion. I wish we got more sneak peeks of client work.

    3. These two have a right to their opinions, but I just want to dissent by saying I love the fashion posts. I’m not going to make major changes to my home, but I will shop for clothing, so.
      And I also love Brady and Sarah’s posts.

    4. No way!! Her staff has such talent and I want to see their designs as much as Emily’s. In fact for the last year or two I prefer their blog contributions sometimes. I have a design crush on Brady. And the artwork in Sarah’s office/2nd living room is amazing. With her posts she has introduced me to so many new artists. Emily tends to lean heavily on vintage portraits and seascapes with her aesthetic (with exception of the string art and bells) and we wouldn’t get exposure to other art (from living artists! that you can buy stuff from!) without the other voices from the team.

      (I have a feeling the sad news is something regarding the team and I’m scared!)

      1. I want to echo all of this. Serious design crush on Brady’s space, he has such a great eye. And Mel’s home speaks to my very soul even though my house does not look anything like it but it’s always something to shoot the moon for.

        (I also have a terrified feeling that the sad news is something about the team, and as noted above — I love the entire EHD Team!)

        1. I agree with the responses here. Love seeing rooms designed by the team, especially Brady and Ginny but truly everyone’s.

    5. Oh, but I really love the staff spaces. They all have such great taste, and it’s fun to see a different aesthetic that is still way beyond my skill set. I love Emily’s style, but I also like other styles (like Brady’s kitchen) and POV’s (like Orlando’s wit). I appreciate the variety, and I think it helps me not get burnt out on just Emily’s style, which is lovely but distinct and fits a certain pattern.

    6. I have to agree with some of the above, but Ginny is the one staffer that I would follow in her own right, even after she goes off on her own (i honestly think she has the talent to be a rockstar). And I think that’s the beauty of Emily allowing her staff so much freedom, some have mentioned Brady as a favorite, some Sarah, some Ginny, but all of these wonderful people are getting a platform and helping Emily get the time with her young kids that so many women would love to have. I can’t imagine running a business like this and having no one to help, so I’m glad Emily has all of these wonderful people to keep us entertained!

    7. I like reading about Brady’s work… I like the fashion posts… I basically love this blog just the way it is.

    8. Emily how do you do it??? I truly hope you ignore most of it and enjoy your life when you have 11 seconds to think about your own life and not the minutiae about this and that you readers choose to pick on🙄 Listen– you are killing it and you produce content ALMOST DAILY and you are more than forgiven for wanting to use an old piece already written etc. I truly don’t know how I would reconcile all these readers and their 11 million opinions. “do more fashion posts!!” “I really hate fashion posts!!” Etc. I get so anxious and tired reading them I can’t imagine how you feel. Just keep being Exactly Emily. It’s why you are so readable and why we love you. All your content–including from your staff–is fun and interesting. They are all talented and amazing and creative. Keep on keeping on.

      1. So beautifully put — thank you.

    9. Couldn’t agree more with pretty much everything in this comment. Spot on with what I love and don’t love so much on your blog.

      1. 100% agree with MCG – “Exactly Emily!” Keep doing it. And I love your staff and their stories and their style. The EHD team is an amazing one.

  11. I love your rant-y posts, so I’m on board with content like this. 🙂 Also, I may be in the minority, but I’m pretty excited about a possible post on grout colors. I really want to put in a back splash in our kitchen and unsure what to do about the grout.

    Enjoy your time away!

    1. I also really want a grout colors post!

    2. Me three with the grout post! 🙂

      1. Yes! I’m also very excited about the grout post! I like the nitty gritty design posts as opposed to the more purely decorative styling ones

        More nuts and bolts less cake icing (to thoroughly mix my metaphors)

        1. Weird. I really like both Brady and Ginny’s style — and Mel’s redecorating was great because it was more affordable. Honestly some of the client posts are the ones I like the least because they may feature tiles or wood panelling or whatever that doesn’t really seem to be any of your authentic styles (or mine either.) I also think Brady and Ginny have pretty hilarious voices too.

    3. Need a grout post! I had a random shower thought–what color did E.H use for outdoor tile grout? Oh grout.

    4. Agree! I love all the design and decorating advice, but what is really a challenge to find info on is all the nuts and bolts of real renovation – all the details that arise when doing construction. Would love to see more posts in that realm.


  12. I read those comments about the recent posts and a part of me agreed but I still read every one and enjoyed them. You and your team have raised the bar so high in content that I think some readers expect it every day but I think it’s okay if something wasn’t a homerun for every reader. How can it be? What I’m trying to say (terribly) is that I’ll still be here reading because it’s my favorite blog.

    1. I soooo very much agree with this reader, not every post is going to be a home run for every reader, why because not every reader has the same taste/politics/style/life stage as every other reader. THANK GOODNESS! What a boring world. No, not every post I read applies to me but I still enjoy reading.
      Also some other reader complained about you letting your staff post their work and their words and said the brand is Youxi988 so everything should be you, I disagree for the above reason and because hello business involves more than one person. Martha Stewart (because it’s the first name that came to mind) doesn’t actually write all her posts, recipes, bake everything, design everything and people still love her. You do you and right now you’re doing it successfully and as long as your business is growing the way you want it to, I would pay less attention to the complainers. PS I LOVE Brady’s reveals, his style is actually more what I like and want in my home so those and Ginny’s have really resonated with me. What I’m saying is I like the variety of everything you include, remember variety is the spice of life.
      Finally, if you’re still reading and I hope you are, I am VERY excited about the grout post. I personally tiled two bathrooms in my home and I went white with white in one and light gray/white patterned tile with white grout in another. I liked them but I was going for resale and they seemed most appealing. HOWEVER I’ve seen the white tile with dark grout and I want it real bad but my wise father brought up a point. He said the white tile with dark grout would need to be installed perfectly to look good or the contrast would show all the imperfections. As I said I did the tiling myself and I had never tiled before. On the open house my Master bath got rave reviews but I worry if I could pull off the white and dark contrast. Please address this issue/fear of mine if possible in your grout post. Pretty please, however, if you don’t I promise I will keep happily reading as always. Have a great vacation!

      1. PSS. Man, I’m chatty today. You said you’ve never left the house in that first top, why the heck not?!?! You’re rocking it and I think it would work with a lot of your other bottoms and it’s so beautiful and can go dressy or casual.

    2. THANK YOU. I’ve come to accept the fact that we can’t please everyone every day, but its still a good goal 🙂

  13. I’d love to see more of these posts. And I am stoked about the grout color post, no joke!! I’ve got some tiling projects coming up in the distant-ish future, but grout color is definitely on my mind. Thanks for your honesty and great content Emily. Yours is one of the very few blogs I read every day.

  14. I like this post! It feels more casual and I like the fashion to home approach. Also, I think you look pretty and happy in that second photo!!

  15. For the record, I love the roundup posts and can imagine how much work goes into them, so THANK YOU! You are one of the few bloggers who truly produces soooo much original
    Content. It is so helpful to have these roundups to search for when I am researching what to buy! Thank you!

  16. What I’m really interested in is what other blogs these commentators follow? I’ve read them all and haven’t found one that is even close to how practical, useful, and inspiring yours is. Very rarely are the other blogs creating their own content, maybe a couple times a month, otherwise its all showcasing other designers work or so much fashion content so they can link to Nordstrom or some other affiliate. It puzzles me and I don’t want you to change! Or feel like you have to apologize!

    1. Ditto to this. There’s so much original work here, and that’s what makes this blog so great ( it’s personality). To the commenter above who wants more EH all the time, I hope she realizes Emily doesn’t have the capacity to produce all this content by herself. The team stuff also allows the blog to introduce more styles and budgets (goodness knows everyone’s been complaining about the speediness of the posts lately).

    2. Agreed. SOO many “designer” home-focused bloggers that I used to love are all just ads for like.. scotch tape or drywall now. I really appreciate how much work goes into EHD’s sponsored posts so they don’t fee like ads.

    3. Oh my gosh! I was soooo sick of hearing about the Nordstrom sale yesterday! I was deleting without reading a lot of blogs and insta stories. Totally agree with you! What are they reading out there?

      1. ^^These comments!

        Blogs I used to follow either seriously cut back content (to less than once a week), or are like an ad for 3M hooks (or some other product that I don’t want to read three pages worth of text on), or shifted their focus away from design, or are going on and on about the Nordstrom sale without even carefully curating their selections (not going to lie, I was all about the Prime Day posts – I’m a contradictory lady sometimes).

        1. All of this times one million. Legit the best content out there. I don’t bother with the others!

  17. I pretty much like all your content so bring on the unpublished posts! Particularly grout colors – no sarcasm I really want to hear about that ha

  18. Looking forward to all three posts!

  19. Not that you asked 🙂 but my two cents on the “working mom” term…doesn’t that feel a little dated, almost like “working girl?” You never hear a father referred to as a “working dad.” They are just “dads.” And adding the distinction “working” implies that stay-at-home moms don’t work. Not sure what the answer is because I get that these upcoming posts you mentioned are about issues specific to moms who work outside the home so it doesn’t make sense to only say “mom.” It’s a mouthful but I have heard the term “work-outside-the-home mom” before. Or “employed mom.”

    1. I have the same reaction to “working mom.” I imagine it would be as cringe worthy for paycheck earners if I referred to myself as a “full-time parent.”

    2. Whoa, never considered this. You really don’t ever hear the term “working dad.” That patriarchy is sly.

      1. You guys are totally right. and I always say ‘work at home moms’. Totally changed my perspective. no more ‘working mom’.

  20. Love it love it love it. At this point you could write about juice pouch plastic screw-off tops and I would EAT IT UP. Your tone and perspective makes everything interesting. Keep em coming!

  21. This post is the reason why I come back to read the blog every single day. Each of your posts is informative, approachable, and REAL. I have never read another blog where I felt like if I were to meet the author, they would be a genuine, down to earth and all around awesome person. Keep it up!!!

    1. Thank you very very very much. xx

    2. Totally agree! I like the mix of home, style (wish I had a smidge of yours. Love it), and kids/family. It makes your blog interesting, approachable and never stale.

  22. You will NEVER make evryone happy. Generally, your blog content is amazing. Even your sponsored posts unclude practical advice and are helpful (though there was some serious stretching on the garnage bag post, LOL). I think the roundups are great and I always look back to them.

    For me, though i will always come here first every morning, your style doesn’t speak to me like it used to. Your last home and midcentury vibe with more bright color and pattern were my jam. I think it is a mix of design trends overall changing and you designing a whole house all at once, with a particular aesthetic in mind (that doesn’t match mine). Looking at your content a year or two ago alongside today, it’s a pretty different look.

    Still, lots of great content that can apply to any style and it is pretty.

    Have a great vacation!

  23. I think this post is fun! Sort of a window into your editorial process – like if your posts were images in Lightroom, these might be your 3-stars vs your 4 or 5-stars. I don’t think you need quite as many disclaimers though. Call it what it is and those of us who are interested will read and those who are anti will either not read or give you negative feedback no matter how many times you pre-emptively apologize. 😂

    I know what you mean about the last outfit feeling young. I was just thinking about how I used to be more playful with my layering and color/pattern and sort of mourning what being a tired mom of two tiny people has done to me BUT this is a good reminder that I’m also just not in my 20s anymore and that’s ok!

    Hope you get some sweet rest this summer!

  24. Love it all, read it all! Don’t comment often but have no complaints. Enjoy Tahoe!

  25. this is hilarious (in the good way). i had been missing your semi-edited stream of consciousness posts. this is honestly probably my fave post in a WHILE.

    can you please also write a post on this season of the bachelorette??? please?

  26. I loooove the round-ups! I’m shopping for a new apartment right now and find them so useful

  27. Emily! Please continue this! I really liked this post, and loved reading about the reason behind posting unpublished content. It’s incredibly inspiring to read about a successful woman who works her butt off in her career but TAKES CARE OF HERSELF and her employees. Never feel bad about that girl! 🙂 Y’all are awesome.

  28. Okay this wasn’t my favorite post… BUT BUT BUT I think the blog has been killing it lately! I LOVE the round ups! And I love all the outfit posts and I feel like there’s been just the right amount of personal posts… particularly if you watch your instastories. Keep up the good work!!!

  29. Golly, was that really necessary? Did someone force you to read this free blog? Why don’t you just walk on by and let Emily do her thing? I hope your day improves.

  30. Wow Hannah – bitter much? I get that you don’t like the direction of her home but this just seems mean spirited. Why do you continue to read the blog since it seems like what Emily and Team are doing isn’t to your liking, unless it is to troll. I rarely comment but this is the kind of blatant negativity stops bloggers, designers and content makers from putting their work before a larger audience.

  31. I totally enjoy your commentary so I’m looking forward to these posts. It had a lot of your personality. Also I totally identify with the difficulty of Dressing a postpartum body. I’ve done it four times and still can’t figure it out😂. Also, when you have kids you just have to change your mindset. You don’t go on vacations you go on family trips. No vacationing as a parent. What sad announcement are we waiting for? Ahh!!

  32. Why are you even reading this blog then? To take the energy and time to read the post and put together such a rude comment just baffles me.

    Emily, I thought this post was funny and refreshing. With all the negativity in the world it is nice to have some lighthearted content to make me laugh. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  33. I mean, really. The only thing that screams “ten year old” on this page is this trolling tantrum. Except I imagine you’re not a child, which makes your post both disgusting and also pretty sad.

    I really appreciate, Emily, you and your staff continuing to publish entertaining and fresh posts for the indulgence of the many of us who love and appreciate your style in all forms. I just hope, as your success continues to skyrocket, that you can tune out the other noise as much as possible.

    Thanks for doing what you do. I love it.

  34. Yikes Hannah! I don’t think that’s what she meant by constructive criticism. It might be time for you to take a little break from the blog as it seems to be pushing your buttons in all the wrong ways.

    Emily, you do you girl. No one else can and you are inspiring and entertaining many, many people.


    1. This is a very thoughtful, well-worded response. Sometimes when an aggressively negative comment posts, I cringe at all the knee jerk reactions that seem (ironically) equally mean, even if they are trying to defend Emily. Yours felt like an intelligent way to fight back. Thanks for keeping the balance.

      1. Agreed, and good point, Research Warrior…even though I was maybe one of those “equally mean” respondents. A good reminder.

      2. Couldn’t agree more on this. I always cringe when a comment is rude and then cringe double when it escalates into about 20 so horribly mean comments back. Take the high road, its less crowded.

  35. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    Great post – I really enjoy the fashion/personal posts as much as I enjoy the home design ones. This is one of my favorite blogs – I also converted my husband so we both read your blog and together every morning and then we go and check our Orlando’s latest instastory (we love him!). Enjoy your holiday (as much as small children will let you 😀).

    1. #relationshipgoals …

      1. Seriously. I want to go on a double date with you guys. (THANK YOU). xx

  36. Oh look, a troll! Go back under your bridge where you belong, troll.

    1. LOOOOL! I am sitting in front of my computer dying from laughter. That was awesome (seriously, it was awesome.) Maybe you didn’t mean it to be so funny or I’m just a weirdo but Hannah’s comment was so over the top mean that your comment was perfect.

    2. Zoe, my comment below was meant for you. I just didn’t do this commenting/reply thing right. You made my evening.

  37. Hannah, comments like that aren’t just hurtful to Emily but they bring meanness and ugliness to a space that is meant to be just the opposite. Not sure what is going on with you that you need to leave that comment here, but please don’t, just don’t.

  38. This is mean spirited and totally unnecessary! I can’t believe an adult would think this is an acceptable way to speak to someone!

  39. “Sometimes I think that no one is meaner to themselves than a working mom.” Oh, that made me tear up a little bit. Love ya.

    1. Me too. For some reason I was crying when I wrote that paragraph. 🙂

  40. You are amazing, Emily, and definitely deserve a break. Enjoy! Your content is awesome, and so is your team.

  41. I love nearly all of your posts and haven’t been disappointed with the content lately, though maybe it has felt a tiny bit less personal. However, I follow you on Insta and see your stories, so I get plenty of “Emily.” I also wanted, as a friend, to tell you that I often see you write “confidant” when I know you mean “confident.” Confidant with an a is a friend, someone you confide in. Confident with the e is what you almost always mean. 🙂

    1. Oh, yes!

  42. I’m very down with the mixing of patterns and colors. My new inspiration comes from Sharon’s costumes on Catastrophe (on Amazon). And I’d definitely love to hear more from working moms – especially those with small-medium budgets. Enjoy that “vacation”, Emily!

    1. Yes!!!

  43. “Actually that floral pillow is questionable, even though it does indeed look like the skirt . . .”

    Wait WHY is it questionable? These are the sorts of things that we need you the styling expert to give your opinion on. Oh how I wish you had elaborated on it. I was digging it until you said it was maybe not good. I clicked on it and the only reason I could think of is because it is cheap in price and the print was possibly not as sharp as a better quality pillow but I don’t know if that’s why. I know you wouldn’t rule something out just because it is inexpensive.

  44. The best blogs have diverse content – please share and personally I would love the political posts too. 🙂 .

  45. I enjoy almost every post, even if the style isn’t mine. Always something to be learned. But the real entertainment is in the comments…troll and defensive, they are hilarious.

  46. I scored that macrame fringy lumbar pillow thingy at Target about a month ago. Loved the price but wow what a difference it made on my entry bench. Makes me smile every time I walk by.

  47. Hi Emily,
    I am way out of your demographic, but your blog makes me smile. Sometimes your mid century stuff makes me nostalgic as a kid who grew up in the 60’s in Hollywood and Malibu. Your kid posts take me back to the balancing act of being a young mom. Newsflash, you’ll never feel you got it 100% right, you sure in hell can’t please everyone, and if children actually required perfect parents, that’s what would have been provided by god, or the cosmos. Some of your critics need to chill out, not every post had to give you multiple orgasms!

  48. Of course you are enjoying summer, silly me! I’m really not one to criticize and I never have, I’m the one that takes your yearly survey and says don’t change anything! Haha, so just dismiss my comment from the other day, if I noticed a dip in content it’s probably only because the standards are so high because everything is always so amazing. Enjoy your vacation! And I too run a business and can relate to a very short (self-inflicted) maternity leave.

  49. I would love to read a post about your opinion on how to pick a designer. Does the designer have to share your taste? I believe if you don’t match in styles it would be hard to work together. Please explore if designers can truly leave their comfort zones of their taste when they are decorating. Do you think you influence your team’s taste because they seem to all be into mid century modern. I do realize you live in California but do you think you could design a New York City apartment with the trends of the Northeast. Just curious on your thoughts and the thoughts of your readers on this topic.

    1. Please forgive
      all my typos and grammar. Sleep-deprived working mom.

    2. I would love to see a post like this!

  50. I love posts like this, Emily! Keep them coming. Personally I really like reading your thoughts on life, family, fashion, etc. (although design posts are of course my absolute favorites). I’m not the biggest fan of the roundup posts ONLY because I don’t really get to hear from you or your team on those days! (Except on social of course.) The roundups are awesome as a reference when I’m in the market for a particular item, but on the days they’re posted I miss hearing from you or your team and being able to sit down and enjoy a long, detailed read. For me, that’s what was lacking in recent content, but Brady’s post yesterday and this one today totally balanced things out.

  51. I like the idea of these “drafts we never published” because one spin on them could be almost like your “design mistake” posts – telling us WHY you didn’t end up posting the draft, what was lacking or not up to par, what dissatisfied you about it – all of that stuff can be super informative and interesting in its own right. You got into that a little here but upping that factor in the future would be totally welcome. I’d be really curious about that stuff and am sure others would as well (hence why your “design mistake” posts are so successful). You have such a high bar for quality and attention to detail, so tell us more about why something didn’t meet your bar!

    1. Agreed! Loved this post, and the Hannah thread also became unexpectedly heart-warming and hilarious

  52. As a (non-practicing) designer, I LOVE the roundups. We just purchased a new home, are moving in less than 30 days and with caring for my 4 & 1 year old, I don’t have the time or energy to do the research and shopping that is needed. I KNOW exactly how many hours it takes to pour over the internet to find the right product, let alone 50-80 viable options, and anyone who says this is filler content has no idea. Thank you for the hard work and keeping me inspired while in the trenches of parenting through the little years, you definitely contribute to keeping my creative spirit from going in the trash with the dirty diapers and uneaten lunches!

  53. I have really liked the blog content lately!

  54. I so love this post. I am 26 years old. Live in the Midwest. Married with no kids. Live in a pretty plain house. Don’t have the budget for most (all) of the design going on in your blog, BUT I’m an art teacher. Even with our lives/interests only overlapping in this small artistic way, I still LOVE reading your blog and following you on social media. You could write/talk about your grocery lists and what the inside of your car looks like and I STILL would find your content interesting and valuable. I think your writing abilities are way underrated!!! Your small nuances seem both familiar, yet fresh…Like a voice I’ve read in a book somewhere. Two thumbs WAY up from me over here.

    1. WOW. thank you very much. I sincerely hope to be able to shift some things and get back to writing every post and putting more time into them.

      1. I actually like the mix of voices on this blog– it’s fun!

      2. I agree. I have no budget right now for home design, although I am really considering painting the inside of the house, but I love reading this blog because of your writing style and point of view. I ran and bought your book when it came out. Your personality really shines and you always have an honest voice. And as for your target work, well I actually glance at their home section now when I shop which I never did before.

  55. You’re so cute!

  56. I was so excited when I read there were 375 of these posts “in the vault” and so disappointed when you said only 4-5 would be published! These type of posts are so entertaining to read and keeps your blog feeling like you. You have such a great voice in your writing, it’s nice to see it here in a less professional and more familiar way. Long time lover of the blog, keep it up!

  57. Hi Emily and team! I think the blog content has been fantastic lately, and I certainly don’t think the roundups are filler! They are an amazing resource and I almost can’t believe they are free because they are so useful.

    I also wanted to say that the breakdown posts of California Casual style have been very interesting and informative. Plus I don’t see content like that on any other blogs.

    I feel like I could ramble on a lot more, but I will summarize by saying I truly enjoy everything you and the team create. Please just keep on doing what your doing because it’s working great!

  58. Hannah, c’mon – I know you – you love Emily!!! You secretly adore how she fluffs pillows just so, and that knack she has of placing candles on a stylish fire-retardant surface, that protects the books while still looking fancy AF. You do, you love it! And as for the clown style, I agree clowns do love a stripe, they do, so fair point on the old clown style comment, well made. Although wait…I’ve never seen a clown with such smiley eyes like Emily, so maybe rethink that one after all. I don’t get the whole ‘SoCal’ comment but then I’m from Europe so it doesn’t really matter to me where Emily comes from (but I’ll let that one go, because *it doesn’t resonate with me* – take note of the letting go aspect when things don’t resonate, might come in useful one day). As for the addiction, I mean, what’s the point in doing things half-arsed, right Hannah? Go all in ‘for goodness’ sakes’, as you might say yourself! And I like how you recognise ten year old style, I do, don’t you think they have that certain devil may care attitude towards life, like all the [shit/life] that drags down some oldies hasn’t kicked in yet? If I could, hell yeah, I’d wear a tutu over shorts over leggings with a fluffy sparkly gilet and some runners that light up when I jump up and down…potential post right there Emily: ‘Clowning about with the Kids – Coordinating style for Casual Days’. Anyway, it’s sunny in Dublin, so it’s a great day – that’s Dublin, Ireland, not Dublin, Georgia or Dublin, Ohio btw. Although fair play to the other Dublin’s, they’re clearly a little bit inspired by something Dublin/Irish even if they’re not an exact copy…much like Emily’s inspired home don’t you think?! Have a great day Hannah! P.S. Full disclosure, I don’t actually know Hannah 🙂

    1. P.P.S. It’s almost half eleven in the morning, not almost two thirty am – so I’m off for brunch, it might be a bit more than I can chew but I’ll give it a go!

    2. Elaine, I LOVE YOU. xxxxxx

      1. Basically, I think the moral to this whole “Hannah” story is that we all want to go to Dublin and have a beer with elaine! I mean c’mon, Elaine, we MUST be friends! The whole taking note of when things don’t resonate has tears streaming down my face. On point, Elaine. on point

      2. Whoever Elaine is, I want to find her, friend her and never let her go.

    3. Awesome response, Elaine! I laughed out loud.

      Also, it’s quaint and cute here in Dublin, GA, even if it’s like 1,567,892 degrees.

  59. You be you. Your authenticity and humor trumps any ‘questionables’ in your posts. Enjoy your vacation! This comment of mine is fairly empty, I know, but just meant to support other working women, as yourself. It’s not easy!

  60. A tremendous fan of yours, I read every day and appreciate your honesty, quirk, spunk and eclecticism. It’s what I’ve loved about you, among other things, I might add, since your HGTV days.
    Back off beanbag haters. I used your round-up the very next day to bring a lovely, affordable and perfectly-sized one –- from Target –- into our girls’ room. There’s a lot that I will appreciate or pin, but not be able to implement in our home… but a good beanbag – I could get lost for
    years (ok, at least hours) in the interweb rabbit hole. Thank you for saving me from that.
    I hope you and your team keep being YOU and that you enjoy some much deserved rest!

  61. What? You’re not a fashion model? Could’ve fooled me. I think you should make this into a series! It reminds me of my all time favorite magazine, Domino. You remember that article about translating an outfit into a room? Gah…I miss Domino. Anyway, you should totally do a seasonal round up of fashion trends translated into rooms!! Xoxo

  62. Tbh I think grout colors is super helpful! I come here to learn about those subtle things that I wouldn’t figure out if a pro didn’t tell me it mattered. DIYing this stuff in your own home can go “off” really quickly if you don’t pay attention to less exciting details like that, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to put your finger on why it’s off unless you know to look for it.

  63. Oh, please don’t ever get rid of the roundups! They are SO comprehensive, and I’ve used them as a resource for so many home decorating projects.

    I think this blog has some of the most substantial content out there, so don’t get discouraged.

  64. I much preferred this post to the beanbag one, and the multiple “California Cool” posts. Thank you for sharing! Also, I’m totally into a post on grout colors! They can really be a pain, so to have your perspective and advice would be nice.

    Have a good vacation!

  65. I’m not normally as into the fashion posts here but the mood boards based on the outfits got me fully on board with this one, and the ranting was a lovely lagniappe. I look forward to more stuck-in-drafts-until-now posts and I disagree with the commenters who only want Emily content — I really like the variety provided by different projects by various team members.

    Also, I’m sorry you didn’t get more of a postpartum break after Elliot’s birth, that sounds grueling. And the vacations with kids will get more vacation-y before long, if not as relaxing as kid-free vacations. I hope your upcoming one is very good.

  66. you look darling and the rooms to match are a huge !

  67. Popped in here to say like the round ups. So keep ’em coming!

  68. I’d love a nursery round up post. I hope you are planning one. Currently looking for a nightlight/table lamp (soft light) alternatively a set of sconces (don’t have to be infantile, but they need to fit the room), floor lamp, rocking chair/arm chair (nice chair, not too bulky for a small room, that could be used post baby as an accent chair elsewhere in the home), and lastly wall art (colorful or black and white, somewhat stimulating)

    1. Overall looking for adult-like items that could serve the purpose in the nursery and as the child grows. The only kid items will be art and toys, perhaps some pillows. Would love a post on adult-like/neutral kid bedrooms

  69. So, here are my thoughts:

    1) Thought the blog content recently was good, but miss having the old publish time (used to go live at 7 a.m. EST).

    2) My work does not do Summer Fridays. In fact, this Friday the AC at our building broke and we were still there, inside, with dewy sweat beads all over our faces. I really hope Summer Fridays become a thing here.

    3. I wouldn’t hold it against this blog if your team took Fridays off from the blog during the summer. I love summer… if it gives the team a little less time behind the glow of a computer screen, and some well deserved rest, I’d dig it.

    4. Said it before but I’ll say it again – I love the roundups. Plus, some of the products from older roundups are no longer available, so it’s not like the subject will ever truly be done – new products will always be popping up that merit covering too.

  70. This post was very cute. I personally like a busy room so I especially loved the third look! And I loved the less self conscious tone you took with this post. It felt actually personal, like getting to know you a little bit more. You’re blog is great & so are you 🙂

  71. I am very much in favor of the ideas put forward in your article! So this article is good.

  72. OOH, Great idea! “10-Year-Old-Blind-Clown” fashion roundup, coming right up! Stay tuned!

    1. Well than you’re the cutest 10 year old blind clown I’ve ever seen!! Keep it up!! Love you, and I love how you laughed at that awful comment.

    2. Your insta stories are my favourite and I tell everyone that, I laugh out loud all the time, hahha I especially looovvvveee the ones you show us your outfits they crack me up, so endearing! Plus love your style! I wore an outfit the other day completely inspired by your sweet style. Stay fun!

  73. 😂👍Emily you handle life in a positive and genuine way! I love that no matter wha crazy people say… you stay authentic to your self! You go girl!!! 👍👌💪🤘

  74. Being a blogger, designer, stylist, running a thriving business and being a wife and mom in no way shape or form makes anyone perfect or impenetrable to harsh comments.
    Emily is doing what she loves and in my opinion, is absolutely amazing at it. She is one to be constantly inspired by in all aspects of her life.
    Yes, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but that does not mean that it is ok to be so rude about something you do not have to read or look at in the first place. Just because someone is strong enough to put themselves in the public eye does not mean it’s ok to berate them.
    I applaud your transparency Emily, you inspire me in my growing business and I say you rock it in all aspects of who you are.

  75. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all”
    So too with style, I would think.

    Looking forward to the clown-wear round up.
    You keep doing you.

  76. Hanna- Takenit down about 15 notches. This is a free blog. You are not an art professor at a student crit. You come off as angry and bitter, so if that’s how you truly feel, brava! But also, grow up.

  77. Man, I have taken so many fashion tips from this site and I come for the home design. #10yearoldblindclownposse

  78. If you don’t like it then don’t look at it and move on! There’s no reason to be mean to nice people like emily just because you’re obviously NOT a nice person.

  79. I like all the posts whether they are from you Emily or your staff.

  80. Bring on the grout colors!

  81. Only 3 reasons Hannah is upset:

    1. She can’t dress
    2. She can afford a nice Tudor style house
    3. She can’t decorate

    I think Hannah should be a guest host on the blog and show us all how to dress/ decorate a Tudor style house.

  82. Dear Hannah The Hater. You’ve entered sacred ground, go away and don’t come back. Your comments are ridiculous and you sound as though you feel your style is somehow superior. Where’s your blog? Oh that’s right, never heard of you.

  83. This is probably a weird request but I have read a few posts where you have mentioned dressing for your body type. Would you ever be willing to do post on dressing for you body type? I have read all of the standard rules for the pear, the apple, the carrot, etc. I would be really interested in your designer eye on what you think is flattering for your body and maybe others. Just an idea! 🙂

  84. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt I think putting yourself out there as an artist is the best way to contribute to the world! Thank you, Emily, for sharing your art with us! I don’t follow many blogs, but yours inspires, delights and entertains me!

  85. Im very impressed by the apostrophe following goodness; “goodness’ sakes”.

  86. Hannah — Ick. That’s all. You are just…..rude. So uncool.

  87. Hi! Just chiming in to say I LOVE your roundups and have used them numerous times when figuring out what to buy!! Just heard on your IG stories that maybe you’ll be doing less of them and I was like “nooooo! Keep em comin pleeeease!!” Okay, over and out from an exhausted mom just back from a family trip with my kids hahaha ;))

  88. 1. I love your fashion sense! Maybe “blind clown” should be a new trend bc #clowndorable (is that a real hashtag? I’m going to look it up after I click post:) has to be a thing!

    2. I love you more that you laughed at that comment and posted a story about it. I mean, what would it mean if you did get upset over being called a “10 year old blind clown”? Taking yourself a little toooooo seriously?! We all live in your circus, Emily, and we love it!

    3. Thank you for putting yourself out there. It’s a tough world and staying genuine always shines the brightest. ❤️⭐️☀️

    4. You are the best!

  89. Saw your story; hilarious. Clowns and 10 year olds are the best as you are. Keep it up

  90. Whoa…

    Not cool Hannah.

  91. Emily is extremely talented! If you don’t like her or her blog, don’t read it! No reason to be so unkind…

  92. Mostly when I see your fashion posts on this blog or your Instagram I just think…I hate Youxi988…she always so skinny and cute in outfits that I would look terrible in! And then I look at your interior design posts and am just jealous of your talent…don’t let people get you down!

  93. Love the idea of a post on grout colours! Found it so hard to choose. We literally walked through a showroom and tried to guess which was used at each stand in order to get an idea of what each would look like. We knew what we wanted, we just didn’t know which of the options available to us would give us that look. Imagine not knowing what you want, it would be so much harder! Plus grout also plays an important role in whether a room looks peaceful, modern, classic, etc. So it isn’t something I’d recommend winging.

  94. Hey EHD team, just sending a note about a small but recurring thing I’ve noticed in several posts, including this one. “Confidant” is a person you trust, “confident” is feeling/showing confidence. 😉

  95. I think your blog is a literal GIFT for us trying to make our homes as beautiful and livable as yours. I would pay to read your content, it has more value and useful resources than design magazines! I am currently building a house and I can’t even tell you how many times in the past few months I have used that search bar… “Ceiling fan” so I knew if it was ok because I want them but are they a design no-no? “Bathrooms” because I just DID NOT know what I wanted for our master bath! And your cement tile round up? Gold! Seriously, your content warehouse runs deep and is SUCH a resource! You never know when it might come in handy. So keep it up you silly blind clown, I think it is amazing! 🙂

    1. AGREED–designing my apartment on a college student budget and I would also pay some serious cash for all of these tips, hints, and resources

  96. umm whole foods moms? yes please. dying to hear your take 🙂 i for one love the random thoughts posts

  97. Unpublished vintage posts sound great!

  98. You are stinking adorable!!!

  99. You’re so cute Emily! Thank you! This post was fun 🙂 I cannot wait to read the one with tips for working moms!!

  100. Yes, gimme all the posts!!

  101. I hope you already came across this, but if you didn’t, I think it’s useful for any other time you might want to qualify the word “vacation” :

    It is golden, and made me decide that I need an actual vacation once in a while.

  102. Such a cute post, love comparing fashion and home decor!

  103. I love nearly all of your posts and haven’t been disappointed with the content lately, though maybe it has felt a tiny bit less personal. However, I follow you on Insta and see your stories, so I get plenty of “Emily.” I also wanted, as a friend, to tell you that I often see you write “confidant” when I know you mean “confident.” Confidant with an a is a friend, someone you confide in. Confident with the e is what you almost always mean. 🙂

  104. Love that you are pulling some drafts out of the archives! 🙂 So many sophisticated examples for how to mix patterns effortlessly! Pattern mixing is really easy for anyone to incorporate in their outfitting – a little or a lot depending on comfort level!

  105. Very interested in the working moms / millennial dads posts! Love reading your blog!

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