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by Youxi988

Here’s what’s happening on my Open Sky page this week. My drawer liners (designed by ) in gold sold out quickly, so now we have hot pink/white and silver/white chevron instead. The hot pink kills me.  


They are on sale for $22. Click r the collection. 

Then we partnered up with Safavieh for some rugs and furniture. The price point is pretty good and I really really, really want these pink chairs. 

They are two for $285, reguarily $486

And I love the color combo in this Thom Felicia rug,

Well, that is a very small picture. Sorry. 

There are about 15 other pieces for sale and other curators have picked more (some I love and they just beat me to them) so check ’em out.  

Off to boxing.

Meanwhile, look how I forced my niece to wear a (until she got obsesed with it and then sadly I took it back … What? It’s mine? … Don’t worry, she’s getting one for her birthday).

Hold on to your ovaries ladies.  

Happy Fridays.




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