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by Youxi988

Nothing makes me happier than new toys.  And by ‘toys’ i mean new stuff for my house.  I’ve been complaining for a while that everything feels too thrift in my iiving room.  And that’s because EVERYTHING is vintage and not all of it in great condition.  

1. So i ordered this  from  (click on the ‘rug’ for the exact link:

She just arrived and she is PERFECT in person.  I wanted something bright, graphic, young and fresh to off-set all my weird paintings. So here she is.  I’ll take pics next week after i’m done playing.  Right now its 40% off which makes the 7’6″ x 9′ 6″ under $500.  (normally $755…you do the math, but its a good price.)

2. Then today i’m offically buying this guy:

I know its not new or fancy, but its clean, new, simple, white and the right size.  It’s the West Elm parsons dining table and i can’t seem to find it online, sorry.   I’ve been shooting a lot of original content for my blog and for hgtv.com (stay tuned) and i need a clean white pretty surface, its going to look dope with my big leather 70′ desk chair i’m sitting in right now and my other 60’s woven dining chairs.  

I’m pulling the trigger and poor Brian gets to help me rearrange furniture all weekend.  

3. There are two episodes of Secrets from a Stylist that haven’t aired yet, but are online.  One is called ‘California Cool’ and the other is ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’. PLEASE check them out this weekend, and i’ll blog about ‘California cool’ next week with all the pretty pics. 

But here’s a sneak:

(photos by )

I haven’t photographed ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’ yet because Jeanine, from is shooting it for her book (because we used her amazing wallpaper) so i’ll just steal those photos afterwards….

But i used this incredible wallpaper from her, you can find it here: 

The Vibe


So,   to ALL (but one) of the second season episodes of SFAS.  Watch ’em, folks.   


4. A little old movie called ‘Breaking Dawn’ is happening.  Oh, ma, lard i’m excited to get my Edward and demon baby on.  

Wait, #5: don’t forget to enter the two giveaways still happening.  5 gifts and an piece of your choice.  (the last two blog posts)

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