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Ban.do Office


You know that epic house party that you got invited to, when you were 16, by the cute boy that was a senior and drove the fancy sports car. He picked you up, winked at you on the drive over and introduced you to all his cool friends. The entire night all you could think about was how perfectly your hair was crimped, how on point your shoulder pads were, and how well his last name would sound as yours? It was love at first site and the perfect whirlwind romance. You casually held hands while swaying side to side in his group of friends and nothing else could make you happier than that party and that night and those memories…then before you could even decide which 15 lucky friends would get to be bridesmaids, as you told him your vows, the cops showed up and busted all of the fun you were all having. Well…the Ban.do Party House is all finished and we feel like that girl that just got the fun ripped away from her.

When my friend Jen, the creative genius behind , first approached us about helping her with their new studio space I knew it would be fun, but I never knew quite how much fun we would have designing a new office space for her and the Ban.do gals.

We now present to you, with no reservations, no censors, and no holding back, the Ban.do Party House. See the full post here: Ban.do Overall

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