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by Youxi988
Youxi988 Round Pillows Color Texture Pic 3

When I designed Birdie’s nursery (above) I bought this round pillow from Canvas Home (no longer available) not knowing how much I was going to love and use it. It just made styling easier and everywhere I used it, whether it was on a sofa or bed. I kept moving it around the house for shoots and it looked so good in each spot. So in my ‘Rethink the …’ series (bed pillows, lampshades and towel hooks) I felt compelled to add this to the list. Squares and rectangles are great, but adding in that pretty round shape creates contrast, interest and gives the room a bit of whimsy.

Youxi988 Round Pillows Color Texture Pic 7
Youxi988 Round Pillows Color Texture Pic 5

Mixing straight with curvy has always been my jam. A squared off chair with a round side table. A long modern sofa with a oval coffee table. It just helps make a room feel more balanced. So now, your pillows can, too.

Youxi988 Home Family Room Curbed Style To Sell 9
Youxi988 Round Pillows Color Texture Pic 1

It takes the room in a happier direction, instantly. You mix it with squares and rectangles just like you would any other pillow, but better. Even two on your bed in front of your shams would be so cute.

We started seeing them pop up all over the market and chose our favorites below. Note that a lot of these come in different colors so if you aren’t into the exact color click in and there are often more options.

Youxi988 Round Pillows Roundup

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.  | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11.  | 12. | 13.  | 14. | 15.  | 16. | 17. | 18. | 19.  | 20. | 21. | 22. | 23. | 24.

I love so so many of these (1-6). They are more expensive than typical squares or rectangles because I think they are harder to sew (eh?) but based on how much I’ve loved mine, they just might be worth the splurge.

Am I the only one that is super into the round pillow? Or are you guys down, too?


**all prices in roundup graphic are in USD

  1. I’m with you in that I always try to bring circles, ovals and curvy objects that are not particularly feminine into my design. And I also love a circle pillow. I have one from Urban and have chosen them for client mood boards several times. Love them!

  2. Thanks for yet another great and informative post Emily , and for opening my eyes to balancing out the linear. I am very drawn to circular anything sand yet, not a round pillow in sight. How can that be?!! Already saw a couple on your roundup that will be making their way into my little apt home soon. Btw cannot wait to see what you do with the Portland house!!!

  3. These are all so cute!


  4. Ah I spot quite a few Aussie brands among your round up! Also check out Castle and Things for more great round pillows

  5. Also EHD team, I think the third photo should be attributed to 🙂

  6. Well…. this is nice. Now I know what to do with one or two of the handmade circular crocheted doilies I inherited from a relative. I will make a couple of round pillows like the Urban Outfitters one.

    1. Wow!! thats a great idea! thx for the inspo

    2. Do it! I just finished doing that exact thing and it turned out super cute. 🙂 So much cheaper too – bonus.

  7. They feel amazing dear, good share.

  8. I am loving this series. It made me much more aware of the impact of lamp shades! Love the pleated round pillow! #18

  9. I love this post!
    Especially because I am moving to a new house soon.

  10. Question! Where did that 3-tier marble topped side table in the Tessa Neustadt photo come from? Such a great piece!

    1. I remember that table from the catalog. It’s from Target, no longer available. 🙁

  11. Funny you should post this, because I JUST bought a round pillow yesterday, from Target of all places! 🙂 I love the shape, and the design is beautiful (a bit more muted in color than the photos online).

  12. I actually hate the way round pillows are never round, the seam wrinkles and goes all wonky! Gives me the heeby jeebies. But I do like the ones you’ve found that are shaggy or chunky knit, or have pompoms and fringing to disguise the wonkiness haha

  13. I adore the rattan day bed. Where could I find something like that. It would be perfect for my space. I have two toddler great granddaughters and I’ve been looking for something exactly like this.

  14. i love round pillows! I remember back in the 70’s my mom had the coolest round pillows. I wish that they were easier to find in stores.

  15. good call! i also love the kilim in the tessa neustadt photo – would you happen to know where it’s from?

  16. We started seeing them pop up all over the market and chose our favorites below. Note that a lot of these come in different colors so if you aren’t into the exact color click in and there are often more options.

  17. Really the Birdie’s nursery looks gorgeous and pillows really help in creating a great interiors. The above pillows looks amazing, especially the 17th cushion.

  18. i love the big artwork with ballon/boat… where did you get it? thanks a lot. ana

  19. Round pillows are definitely harder to sew because you have to notch the fabric along the seam before you turn it right side out or it’ll pucker up all the way around. Just a little more time consuming than a square pillow but definitely worth the effort (or cost)!

  20. Yes! Love me some round pillows! I’ve had number 18 from UO in turqouise for 7 or 8 years now and I love it! Its been on my master bed, in the nursery and is currently on my living room couch. I just got number 14 from Target today!! So random that I came across this post the same day, while hoping to find some pillow matching articles on your blog, Lol!

  21. Man! Now I need a round pillow to complete my space!

  22. Thanks for the beautiful information and blog.

  23. Totally under the category of “What’s Old is New Again”, I remember my grandmother’s decorative pillows being round. I’m 51 and so that was a few years ago. But it just demonstrates that there really aren’t any “new” ideas. I like them throw, maybe because they remind me of my youth. 🙂

  24. Funny you should post this, because I JUST bought a round pillow yesterday,

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