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by Youxi988

We are growing out of our studio and, until last week, every corner of it looked like an explosion of people, cords, props, and boxes. The design team was suffering. Samples were piling up everywhere, catalogues were getting lost, and paint decks were getting destroyed. When reached out about doing a post, I thought maybe it would be a good excuse to make at least one corner of the studio look really cute before we move or find a new arrangement. (Spoiler: As of this morning I rented another space out back for storage/the flea/conference room – so yeah!!). They had a few new patterns (and paint colors) that we loved, and we were happy to throw them into the space to add some corner cheer.

Here is what it looked like before; after we removed all the insanity.

Brady got to work hanging the temporary wallpaper which was EXTREMELY easy to do; way easier than we thought it would be. It took him about 3 hours to hang that whole space – although he did have help from our trusty PA.

The process is super easy. You peel, stick, and the cut off the excess. Brady found it easiest to apply the paper at the top then let it hang with the backing on it and just peel it off as you are sticking it. We were all super shocked at how easy it was. If you mess up, it was easy to remove and rehang, and this pattern in particular didn’t even need to match, so there was no obsessing about that – at least we didn’t notice that it didn’t match.

I can’t tell you what an immediate difference it made in the studio.

Instantly that corner became the happy, bright, and like it had a real intention behind it. We bought that storage piece at and painted it with ,  which is a color I’ve used before (in this bedroom) and I LOVE it. Every time I see that color or use it I think, MAN, that color is good.

That one piece of storage isn’t enough for the whole design library but it’s a good start. After we styled this all up we decided that the rest of the room should be this happy and that we need more space. I called my landlord and asked to rent the back storage space (it came up for rent last week) and I’m going to really try and make this office more pulled together and happy for everyone who works here. When I first rented this space 2 years ago, there were only 3 of us (Me, Ginny, and Brady). Now there are 7 and it feels too small. But the problem is that I really like this office – I like the location, the light, the neighborhood, the price, the fact that it’s on the bottom floor but has south facing light (so many offices are floors up which can be difficult for us). And I obviously like that its only 12 minutes from my house. Also with the job and the two kids, I just can’t organize a huge move right now. But it’s been embarrassingly messy and crowded lately. So we are officially committed to redesigning the whole space (new desks, more storage for people’s personal things) and a big (much bigger) proper design library.

We love the (shown) enough to continue it around to the rest of that half of the room. I was afraid it was going to be busy, but it’s really just a pretty texture in person. The pattern is small enough to create this really fun vibe that is easy to layer on. They also make it in  and which was SO pretty and at first I preferred it, but then we realized that it wouldn’t photograph as well (which is how I determine way too much in my life).

They have a few others sold at Target that I love:

Youxi988 Devine Color Tempaper Temporary Wallpaper Studio Makeover Blue white and black Organization Wallpaper Roundup

1. | 2.  | 3. | 4.  | 5. | 6.

We borrowed those absolutely amazing chairs from Amsterdam Modern for the shoot. They are $1100 for the pair so we won’t be keeping them, but MAN I WANT THEM. They are the perfect color of mustard.

That color of that blue against the black/white is pretty amazing. Some of you might remember that 3 years ago I didn’t love the color black for myself – I would opt for navy or charcoal every time. Some of you commented how important the depth of black was/is to a space and I listened. Well either that or the zeitgeist got a hold of me and I joined the national trend toward black.

Here I am happily blogging about my experience with said trend:

We’ve used a few of the and have loved them all. You might remember from Nicolette’s makeover. I started rounding up all my favorites when I realized it was almost 2/3rds of them, so instead you should just head over and feel confidant that they are all pretty good. And you can get them at in the Home Improvement aisle at Target, which I know seems weird but it’s actually wonderful. Not having to wait for paint to be mixed is a very good thing. All 18 colors are available in sample pots in store, so you can try them out and decide on your favorite before picking up the 2.5L cans in store or online.

Here are my favorites:

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

I haven’t used this chalky finish paint color before, but I’ve seen it on pieces of furniture and its super pretty. This is for a matte finish that can have a vintage feel.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9.

That yellow, blue, black, and white is my new favorite color combo. And that wallpaper is a huge, enormous, genuine hit with all of us in the office.

There you go. The easiest wallpaper that you don’t need to hire an installer for (as seen in the above GIF). It’s perfect for renters, inside cabinets, your cute corner design library makeover or just about anywhere.

*Photos by .

**This post is in partnership with . Thank you for supporting our sponsors who allow us to bring original content to you.

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  1. Any idea how this wallpaper would hold up in the moisture/humidity of a full bathroom? I read the specs/item information on the Target listing, and can’t find an answer?
    Love the refresh!

    1. I don’t know but my guess is that it wouldn’t do too well with a lot of steam or moisture. I think its perfect for a powder room but I don’t think I would do a room with a shower that gets used a lot.

    2. Oops! Actually just checked in on this question and the answer is YES! Devine Color use a non-breathable substrate so it can be installed in bathrooms with indirect moisture. The heat or steam will not affect its performance 🙂 Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks so much for going above and beyond by asking the manufacturer! I’m sold and will be trying one of these papers in our master bathroom.

  2. Any idea why the storage unit above looks like a cornflower blue, but the wall in the previous project you linked to looks like an extremely dark navy? Are they really the same color?? And if so, which one is a more accurate representation of the color?

    1. They really are the same color! Seems crazy, but it really all just depends on the lighting in the room. Our studio is really bright so it makes the paint seem brighter than the navy blue in the bedroom. If you are looking for a lighter colorway, I would suggest checking out Devine Color’s Crest paint color.

  3. I’m going to show this to my daughter, who wants to redo her room. Stick-on wallpaper, at least on one wall, could be doable.

  4. Will this wallpaper only adhere to a flat, non-textured wall?
    All of the walls in my home have really large textured patterns. I don’t know if there is a name for that or not – it’s not a popcorn kind of texture at all. Anyway, I’m wondering if this type of wallpaper would stick on it ok.

    1. I’m pretty sure any wallpaper requires a textured wall be skim coated first….

    2. The description on Target’s website says it must be applied “onto a smooth, primed and painted wall or surface that is in good condition” so I’m thinking it won’t work on a textured wall. A bummer if you live in an old house with rough-in-spots plaster walls, like mine!

      1. Aren’t most of these removable wallpapers kinda like paper? Plasticky film with a sticky back? So bumps would be visible, and would be difficult to get it to stick.

        That being said, I really want to try this for my powder room…

        1. Our walls actually have a slight texture to them and the paper went up without any issues and you cannot see the texture below at all. The paper has a sticky back so it adheres very well to the wall. I think as long as your walls don’t have too much of a crazy texture you should be fine to install without a skim coat.

  5. I’m curious whether there is a residue left behind once the wallpaper is removed. Also, can it adhere to the hideous orange peel texture that my walls have now, or is a skim coat required?

    1. There is no residue at all left over! We peeled ours off a couple of times to adjust and it came right off and was clean.

  6. Yes, yes, YES!!! There’s the Youxi988 Design that made me first fall in love with your aesthetic! Happy, bright, playful, yet pulled-together and adult at the same time. Man, I love this! Big heart eyes from Miami!

    1. Ah, thank you!

  7. Love this look!! You are so talented. Going to create this look for my daughters bedroom. Thanks 🙂

  8. I’m so jealous of your healthy spider plant on the shelving unit. I love spider plants and unfortunately, I always end up killing mine 🙁 One day I’ll keep on alive and it will look like yours!

    Great wallpaper, btw lol

  9. Love this makeover! Seems so doable too! Might be inspired to redo my studio space…

  10. Fun space! Can you tell me where the storage baskets are from?

    1. Sure! The bamboo baskets are from Ikea:
      And the acrylic bins are from the Container Store:

  11. The colors! I LOVE the colors you chose! Great job Henderson Team 🙂
    And I’m thinking this wallpaper could look REALLY cute in my kids bathroom. Fun without being too crazy, and leaving space for color in other areas of the room (i.e. kids toys and towels)

  12. Love the color combo with the black and white wallpaper! Where is the table from? Perfectly balanced simple table, looking for one for my kitchen book.

    1. It’s from DWR (and its not a knockoff), but there are some similar, more affordable versions out there (CB2 and Ikea both have options). xx

  13. I have used a product very similar to this in my merchandising days. The good news, it is very easy to install, especially with the top down method Brady used. The bad news, when you take it down, it can take a layer of paint with it. Your best bet, warm the adhesive gently with a hairdryer as you remove.

  14. Love it! Our Scout Label Comal chairs would look amazing in that space. Email us if you’re interested in a trade. ?

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out! Feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can chat about a potential partnership! xx

  15. I LOVE when you include GIFs in these posts. It both helps me to appreciate the amount of work that goes into these transformations and makes me feel like I somehow contributed (ha! As if). Thanks for sharing. Also, that wallpaper! I’ve been in my little 1 bdrm apartment for a couple years now and am struggling with the decorating challenge that is concrete walls (good lucking hanging anything like art or shelves or even thumb tacking a poster). But easy peasy stick wallpaper might just help to give it some life. Thanks for the post!

  16. Good to know about this gorgeous paper! I’m looking for something for my small entryway wall and this could be perfect.

    Where are those white sconces from? Super cute.

    1. They’re from School House Electric!

  17. This post is great and also helps me to solve my problems

  18. I think this is a wonderful idea. It beats using wallpaper with glue ,that can create a mess . Not to mention they have all kinds of new patterns to choose from. Being a designer myself I have used numerous patterns and the looks of how it turned out was amazing! I would say two??thumbs up!

  19. You’re not alone in picking things based no how well they photograph. Years ago I adopted 2 kittens and chose them (partially) because they are tabbies and photograph well. Have never regretted that decision, it’s been 14 years of awesome pictures!

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