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by Youxi988

Alright, folks. Welcome to the beginning of the video styling series that will address all your styling needs. Remember the post where I asked for content suggestions from you? Well, we’ve been compiling them and shooting videos of them (and stills).  We have the first two ready to go.

Styling tip #1 … How to style your man  3 different ways to style your mantel that I guarantee will be beautiful.

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This video was produced/written and styled by me, Emily Von Henderson, and directed and edited by Arian from

Show us (by sharing) some love if you like it. These things cost money and time and if you guys are all “meh, ” then I’ll focus my money and time more on other blog adventures. Or on more “Real Housewives.” Or googling “Kittens wearing mittens, ” which is truly a rewarding pastime. It’s amazing how many times in a row I can say, “Oh my god, so cute, ” and genuinely mean it.

Check out my newest video ‘How to mix Patterns’ and not look like a crazy person.

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