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How To Gently Clean Vintage Brass

Vintage brass items are one of my all time favorite styling/collecting items. But often they’re really vintage, covered in tarnish, and not as pretty as they used to be. Luckily, most of that tarnish and age can be safely (and gently) removed with a little scrubbing and two ingredients you probably already have in your… Read More …

Why Matte Brass Might Be The New King of Metallics + 48 Favorites

When I first started this blog it was called “The Brass Petal” because it combined my two favorite things – brass and flowers. But after I won DesignStar I figured it would be better to have it be my name (and was taken by a graphic designer- you’re welcome “Other Emily”). This is all to… Read More …

Makeover Takeover

Brady Picks Some Lighting

Hey Folks, Brady here. This time on “#MakeoverTakeover Brady Edition” we are tackling my quest to find the perfect Living Room sconces. Working in the design industry I have heard it said time and time again that lighting is the jewelry of the room. We all know I love me some man jewelry … lest you have forgotten, head on back to the first post that Emily mentions me in, “He is tall, blonde, from Utah, full of skills, creativity, brawn, enthusiasm and very nice necklaces.” BUT, room jewelry is a whole different ball game.

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