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by Sara Tramp

Sara here, and you guys, THIS IS MY VERY LAST POST (for now)! I’m going to miss you all so very much. I’ll still be here working at EHD but I won’t be rambling to you on a weekly basis and reading back your warm comments about my cat and Tom Hardy. I’ll miss it… Read More …

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by Brady Tolbert

Hey Folks, Brady here. This time on “#MakeoverTakeover Brady Edition” we are tackling my quest to find the perfect Living Room sconces. Working in the design industry I have heard it said time and time again that lighting is the jewelry of the room. We all know I love me some man jewelry … lest you have forgotten, head on back to the first post that Emily mentions me in, “He is tall, blonde, from Utah, full of skills, creativity, brawn, enthusiasm and very nice necklaces.” BUT, room jewelry is a whole different ball game.

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