The Fig House is open for business!!!!!!!!!

As you know I’ve been working on my first big commercial project called The Fig House for about 11 years, and by 11 years I mean 8 months – as long as I’ve been pregnant, actually. Lots of birth metaphors could happen here, for sure, but despite the timing I will not be having my… Read More …

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Art for The Fig House from Stephanie Vovas

I’ve never really wanted a portrait of me taken until I met Stephanie Vovas’s work.  It’s so stylized, strange and powerful. I think she could take the most boring looking person on the planet and make them look incredibly interesting in a photo. I just love them so much. In fact I was going to… Read More …

Art for The Fig House from Zoe Pawlak

Oh, how I love Zoe Pawlak’s work. She paints these portraits that are abstract enough to not be creepy (although I’ve never been creeped out by a portrait myself) in colors that are just so perfect and beautiful. They are saturated enough to look modern, but soft enough to be timeless. Zoe is contributing her… Read More …

Art for The Fig House from Max Wanger

Max (and Margaux) Wanger is to wedding photographers what Michelle Williams is to actors – young, smart, ALWAYS beautiful, intriguing and insanely talented. Brian and I got married young and broke, but in 3 years we will be celebrating our ten year reunion and a lot of our best friends in LA weren’t at our… Read More …

Art for The Fig House from Amy Wilson Faville

It’s another round of ‘Look Who I Got to Show Their Artwork at The Fig House.‘ Today’s installment involves Amy Wilson Faville who is a San Francisco based artist that does some pretty freaky and beautiful pieces. Thanks Danielle (The Jealous Curator — read her blog!!) for introducing me to this lovely artwork: She is… Read More …

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