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Holiday Party, meeting the other hosts.

I spent last weekend in New York doing a big HGTV holiday marketing shoot, which was a total blast. I feel like i’ve been celebrating the holidays for months now between my holiday special that i filmed in August, and daily working on the holiday guide.  So going to a Christmas party in a red… Read More …

HGTV Party in NYC

YUP. I’m in New York, headed out to a huge HGTV holiday party shoot with a lot of the talent and a ton of bloggers i can’t wait to meet.   Come back tomorrow for an awesome ModCloth Giveaway.  I’m picking it right now and there is some good stuff over there. Meanwhile give yourself… Read More …

To a very unlaborious labor day.

Well, folks. I’m off to New York for Fashion Week tomorrow with my friends at Brizo, Jason Wu and 18 other bloggers and ‘tastemakers’ from around the country.  It involves fashion shows, parties and a quick education on high end faucets and hardware, which is going to be extremely helpful for me. Jason is kinda… Read More …



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