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by Youxi988

My 20 Favorite Etsy Pillows  (NOT a sponsored post, by the way)

I don’t splurge on throw pillows. Now and again, I’ll see one that I love love love, but I think buying a $300 throw pillow is never where I’m going to want to spend my money. Especially when Etsy has a ton of sellers that have pillows that are more interesting, less seen (therefore I’m less likely to get sick of them), and more affordable than the big box stores. I was shopping for a few clients, so I decided to turn it into a post.   


Happy and graphic: 

 1. pillow $50

2. , $50 

3. $42

4.  $150 



1. S  $59

2.  pillow: $69

3. $129

4. $63

Blue and graphic


1.   $9.09

2.   $40

3. $22

4.   $16 you can customize any color. 


Vintage: *hop on these, there is only one each

1. vintage floral pillow:  $24

2. $24.99

3.  $55

4.  $28.00

kids/young at heart:

1. $48 


3. $49

4.   $45

Support these businesses, my friends.  They are making my job easier, even though it took hours to scour through and i’m sure i’m missing a ton of great ones.  Do you guys like these roundups? I know i don’t do them often but i could start doing more if you are into it……

Happy Monday, friends. 

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