Trolling Craigslist… Detroit!


I have a strange amount of friends from Michigan all living in LA. But you know what is there? Awesome Craigslist finds. I mean considering that last July there were all of starting $1200 then proportionally the furniture has got to be cheap, right?

trolling cl detroit vintage couch and chairs

1. $100 I like your shape and lines, but lady, take off that skirt and show us your legs. Not bad for $100 and in the right space (Anthropologie style loft) it could be great as is.

2. $250  Since it’s the real deal I’ll let it slide that there are only three of them. But hell, maybe you only have three people in your family and you have a silent vow to never let anyone come over. Then you are in luck.

trolling cl detroit vintage barstolls and rocker

3. $250 . Ridiculously cute. I think my lady friends, Bri or Joy would like these two. Super poppy, sherbert colored and looks like they are in great condition.


4. $40  Its cute. Throw an ikea lambskin over that bad boy, pop a pillow on it and call it a ‘cute moment in the corner’. You can introduce it to your friends like, ‘hi. have you met my cute moment in the corner?’. He’ll be very popular, for such a little squat dude.

5. $310  I always figure that if I can get dining chairs for $100 then that is as cheap as the best at Ikea. Therefore if there are sets for less than $400 that are even better, then that is a good deal. These are pretty adorable. Maybe spray the base white if they are in good condition (if they are more in ‘vintage’ condition then don’t spray paint them because then you are mixing new with old in the same piece which looks like you just couldn’t afford to reupholster or something. I learned this the hard way. I updated the paint on a piece of furniture, but didn’t replace the lucite that was scratched and it just looked like weird and stupid). It’s like, either update it all or keep it vintage.

6. $225 Vr: I don’t really know what to say. Except that i want to ramble on about how amazing this piece is. I’ve seen plenty of bamboo/wicker in my day, but this beauty is


Trolling CL detroit vintage barstools and side tables

7. $100 If these were counter height and in LA I would snatch them up. I’m DESPERATE for counter stools that are mid-century that I can upholstery in an awesome leather or vinyl (yeah, you read that right).

8. $40  Either these are awesome or total pieces of garbage. Nice clean lines and interesting nesting capability, but are junk or good? Someone would get on this mission and report back. Stat.

trolling craigslist vintage chair and daybed

9. $65 p. Oh how VERY quirky are you. Funky, even. These types of things can obviously look silly and stupid and try-hard, but in a super modern shelving unit with the right collection of beautiful art books and mid-century pottery and you have yourselves something kinda interesting. Would be cooler if the base was brass.

10. $99   Cute green color, in leather, in an old school style shape. I’m not opposed for $99.

11.  $300  Whut. I’ve never seen this before. Put that on your porch, thrown with bohemian pillows, STAT. But only if you have the right style house (mid-century, Japanese, regency or super eclectic).

trolling cl detroit vintage thonet and lamp

12. $100  Steal of the century. These are probably gone by now. Classics, for cheap. A stupidly good deal.

13.  $25  Cute little shape for $25. Not going to make a splash debut at ICFF this year, but she is cute. With a black shade? or a colored shade? Cute.

14. $100  Ok, this may have been a mistake. It’s now looking kinda foreskin-y. Get your foreskin chair for $100 on CL, folks. Pass it down to your children and your children’s children. They’ll tell the one about how their grandma got suckered in by some blogger (by then we’ll be extinct) to buy this foreskin chair. They’ll laugh. It will make good memories. Don’t you want good memories?

Trolling Cl  vintage chairs and twin bed

15. $   Its a classic, but only really looks awesome in the right space.

16. $75   Painted a cute color – emerald? coral? navy? this would be just darling in your kids room – probably your girl kid, otherwise known as ‘daughter’.

Well, Detroit, you certainly did not disappoint. You are up there with Pittsburgh in my CL trolls. Keep it up and i’ll be buying a house and setting up shop.