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by Youxi988
Youxi988 Budget Room Colorful Scandi Gender Neutral Gif 1

If you’ve been following along with the process of the design of the Mountain Fixer Upper then you know there was quite a bit of Scandinavian influence that was initially creeping into the design of the space, and while things have slightly altered from the original plan (see post here) we will always love a whimsical and playful inspired space – especially one with a focal wallpaper. In case you need a reminder of how impactful said wallpaper can be in a space check out Birdie’s old nursery and new bedroom. So when we were brainstorming new budget room ideas we thought it might be time to for a gender-neutral nursery with a big dose of whimsy  – after all, everyone loves whimsy. Let’s get into it.

Youxi988 Budget Room Colorful Scandi Gender Neutral 5000

| | |  | |  (white) |  (fog) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Our first version comes in just under $5k and the muted, yet playful color palette pairs so seamlessly with lush neutral textiles, making it perfect for a boy or girl. This , designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, gives the room just enough movement without being overwhelming. Plus, we budgeted to have the wallpaper go on one 10′ accent wall to make it a little more affordable, rather than doing a whole room. That is the one from Birdie’s room and it’s such a great neutral option for any room. There are so many details we love (like the and ), but let’s move onto the next version.

Youxi988 Budget Room Colorful Scandi Gender Neutral 3000 1

| | |  | |  (white) |  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

We chopped off $2k to give you a more affordable, but stylistically very similar room. We might actually prefer this . It’s not nearly as expensive as the first one but it’s still modern and a bit more simple in shape (which isn’t a bad thing). We also swapped out the and although this one visually isn’t quite as sleek it still works perfectly with the design of the room. Lastly, that little is actually a sound machine that helps lull your baby to sleep. It’s adorable and helps out at bedtime. Two birds, one lamb.

Youxi988 Budget Room Colorful Scandi Gender Neutral 2000

| |  | |  | |  |  | | | | | | | | | |  | | |  | | | | | |  |

Last but not least we have our most affordable option coming in at just under $2k. While a lot was swapped out to keep it under budget (not the  of course) the style and tone are still completely there. We switched out the with drawers to with cute for diapers and some minimal clothing storage. The original wooden was swapped for this cute , and the for a simpler version. Lastly that sweet doesn’t make sleepy sounds like the lamb, but is completely cuddle-worthy.

There you go, folks. Three sweet, gender-neutral nurseries with heavy hits of whimsy and scandi style. Let us know if you have tried any of these products and what you want us to tackle next. And if you ever have tried any of our budget rooms in your own space, we would love to see photos. Be sure to send through photos to [email protected] We always love to see our design boards in action.

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  1. I agree, I like the second crib more. In fact, I like the second version the best. Expensive isn’t always better!

  2. This is fantastic! It makes me too want to have another baby (actually NOT!!) just so I can make this room. I am in love with the H&M laundry basket and the overall look and feel here. There are quite a few things that would just work great throughout the house. I really think the budget version is super close in impact to the high end one – not always the case with these roundups.

  3. I am an first time mom planning a nursery and am so excited to see this post! (Although mine will probably have at least a little pink 🙂 ) I was literally looking back through all your old nursery posts this weekend. I’m glad to see you like the West Elm glider, it’s one I’m thinking about….Our nursery is tiny and I really want to do an accent wall. Do you have any tips for picking out/ installing wallpaper? I’ve never worked with it before. Thanks!

  4. The poof in #2 version is now marked down to $65. Steal!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’ll have to send pictures when I shamelessly copy this.

    Is the link on the rug correct? It keeps sending me to Target for a sheepskin table runner, not a big rug.

    1. If you click on the link there are size options on the right hand side. This one is the 5’x7’3″ xx

  6. Is anyone else sad about Land of Nod closing/transitioning to Crate Kids? The store here closed and already the website has lost all its charm. I’m concerned the creativity will be gone next.

    These rooms are lovely, though! Makes me almost wish for another baby, too.

  7. target has an even cheaper (and cuter!) version of the star nightlight!!

  8. Love all three rooms, but actually prefer the cot in the budget version a lot more than the other two.
    You are very lucky with the low price of so many decor and furniture items in the US.
    The use of colour and the related meaning of colour is so interesting, particularly that we use it to ‘define’ the gender of a human right from the time we discover what type of genitals this new human has. I wonder whether this is just a part of the education of our children on what is ‘their role’ in society?
    I know, too deep for a design blog. But, it is all important if we hope to move forward, I think.

    1. This is an interesting article talking about the topic from the American perspective and how it has changed over time:

  9. So gorgeous! I don’t have children, but this totally makes me want to make a playroom for my nieces and nephews.

    I’d love to see some fun budget hallway ideas/combos! Colors/wallpaper/wall treatments, runners, sconces and mirrors and artwork and pendants/flushmounts! I’m craving some craziness in my halls. 🙂

  10. Currently looking for a rug for our nursery. Have you felt this one? Is it pretty soft and good quality? Can’t decide between h and fluffy like this or something patterned. Thx!

  11. Love this style, but missed an opportunity for serious budget option, Sniglar crib from Ikea that is 80 bucks and gorgeous! Very similar to crib in second version, I have for both my boys and I highly recommend completely natural unfinished wood.

  12. Second crib is pine though – very soft, easily damaged (and chewed) – and it’s from the made in china million dollar baby club co., Personally I think the first crib, solid birch will last longer and had an Oeuf crib for both my kids and was able to pass it on to friends – better value there in my opinion!

  13. I grew up in Southern California and as a kid we were never allowed to hang anything with glass above our bed in case of an earthquake. I implement that same rule in baby’s room. I love the garland you show and the price is perfect. I really want to hang this above the crib, but shipping is $32!!! Thats more than the actual product. Do you hav similar product recommendation with less shipping costs?

    1. I would check Etsy!

  14. This is fantastic! It makes me too want to have another baby (actually NOT!!) just so I can make this room. I am in love with the H&M laundry basket and the overall look and feel here. There are quite a few things that would just work great throughout the house. I really think the budget version is super close in impact to the high end one – not always the case with these roundups.VERY NICE ARTICLE THANKS

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