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by EHD Staff

A holiday that has become synonymous with the end of summer (and, evidently, the hard stop for “civilized” people to don white apparel), Labor Day doesn’t really have any “things” besides, well…not laboring. There are no requisite barbecues (Memorial Day) or firework displays and hot dogs (4th of July). What started as a celebration of American… Read More …

by Youxi988

You know when you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and you remember seeing something earlier on in the day that you want to show to someone during that 20-second countdown between episodes of Parks & Rec on Netflix and you start scrolling down your feed, absolutely POSITIVE it’s just a few more posts down, and… Read More …

by Arlyn Hernandez

***Written by Arlyn Hernandez Looking at what you guys Pinned the most this year from the blog is a fascinating experiment. It’s one thing to guess what readers will like the most, and it’s a totally different thing when you actually SEE what gets your finger to click on “Pin It” on a blog post…. Read More …


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