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by Youxi988

It’s mountain house Monday, living room edition. We have some rug debating to do as I can’t move forward with the living room design and keep decorating until we know what is happening underfoot. In a perfect world, it’s a big white fluffy comfy, cozy rug. But I have kids and they have limbs full… Read More …

by EHD Staff

We know this is pretty insensitive to those dealing with yet ANOTHER snow storm but in LA we are in full springtime fever mode. Floral outfits are being presented almost every day at work, vacations are getting booked and the beach is an actual place we want/need to be on the weekends (despite the 45+… Read More …

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by Arlyn Hernandez

You might be thinking “wait, there’s still more to the Portland Project to reveal?” Well…yes. It was a BIG house (it was three stories, after all), and by the time we rolled out the interior spaces, it was the dead of winter and it didn’t feel timely to post about lush outdoor spaces when everyone… Read More …

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