DIY Towel Ladder in Redbook

I have a thing for ladders. Not ‘standing on ladders’ but instead ‘looking at ladders’ and ‘hanging things on’ ladders. I feel like there is always a narrow vertical space in a house that needs to be filled with something shallow – either a really tall piece of art or … a ladder. So we… Read More …

DIY Curtains

DIY: 1 Curtain 3 Ways

Curtains are one of those things that can definitely break the bank and make you wonder how 1 curtain panel can cost upwards of $300. But there are some pretty inexpensive, simple readymade curtains out there, they just needed a little bit of help. So we wanted to save a few pennies and have some… Read More …

Latest DIY

DIY ‘Book’ Bookends

This DIY is on the ‘small project’ side and definitely dings high on the ‘cute-ometer’ scale. But these BOOK-ends are an easy/fun DIY with stuff that you probably already have. There are a million bookends out there, some insanely expensive, but if you are looking for a good (and cheap) craft to do, check out… Read More …

Simple DIY

DIY Upholstered Headboard

A lot of you remember the ‘1 bed, 4 ways‘ post and commented on the bed. Well, that was a DIY’d bed that we made for the Redbook column. And here’s the DIY for all of you who are looking to recreate it. I actually loved how it turned out – super simple and modern… Read More …

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